Seeing Servitors

Is it just me or is it easier for anyone else to see servitors then other spirits? Like all the ones I make I see almost instantly and one my friend made and was latched to me for awhile.

Other spirits don’t seem to come to me as easily is that just me?

Edit: one that was made for me by @KingOfHearts616 I could see well too, idk shits weird


Yep mine are just a call away, literally.


Hmm I guess I didn’t portray my thoughts the best I mean even if I know a stronger spirit is near by I’ll still see my servitors better then it

No, I was agreeing with you. My servitors appear visibly almost instantly.

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Oh alright cool thank you.

I’d say it’s because they’re part of you as you made them, but you said you see other people’s servitors easily too? I wonder why?

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Yea my servitors others and a Shadow Person granted he’s was a fucking Cunt and deserved what I did to him but yea…

I see those almost instantly my original friend that let me borrow his for awhile I seen here pretty clear without even realizing it and this was when I was first starting in magic

I don’t like shadow people at all. Are there any that aren’t cunts? I’m open to being proven wrong. Even before I practiced I was able to see them. And they would always fuck with me. But when I’d tell them to get lost they would leave.

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This one could split into 7 he wanted toto be left alone but I like to Shit talk people kind of my thing XD he got offended and scratched me so I’m like


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