Seeing random people when I meditate or close my eyes when tired

OK this has been happening for quite some time now.
When I’m really tired and go to rest my eyes I see visions of random people popping up one after the other.
As soon as one fades another one takes it’s place.

Most of the time they’re moving their mouths like they’re trying to tell me something but I don’t hear anything.

A couple of times I’ve gotten impressions that they were spirits.

Especially one I saw yesterday.
It was an old haggard man and I could just see his face.
He was bald on top and had stringy gray hair on the sides of his head.
His fave came so close to my vision the all I could see were his eyes then forehead.

He looked angry and was like the others moving his mouth trying to say something but again no sound came from it.

I can see these “people” as clear as I see any other human.I can make out every detail of their fave and sometimes clothing.

I sometimes get this during meditation but not that often.

If the ARE spirits they’re structuring themselves at the wrong time dammit! Lol

Any thoughts?

Right on bro. Paul elder in his “eyes of an angel” gives the same experience. I have them too including animals…elk,peacock ,guys with pointed ears,warriors LOL. B.t.w if you can manage to maintain consciousness as you drop down even more it turns to a screen with hd pics with a starry background. As I work with mepsitahl and gabriel,paralda to help open my second sight these pics come more easily .b.t.w I see them as I drop down to sleep.kinda like happens in a hypnogogic state. My two cents.

I also experience this, Musta. Pretty much whenever I close my eyes but it comes and goes. Some days or weeks it tends to happen more. I also have the issue of not hearing what they say.

Have you considered that the old haggard man may be Fastos? I recall meeting him in a vision last year and what you described is pretty much how I perceived him. It’s a possibility considering you summoned him recently.

Its quite different but yesterday when i was sitting on this chair, resting my eyes… i saw some kind of … people or humanoids that, had their children merging into them and growing out of their shoulders forming seriously deformed heads and shit like that. lol yeah was quite weird stuff once again.

You know what Virdon Djinn,
I think the vision of that old man came minutes after my conversation with Fastos as I took a nap after posting about it.
The only other spirit I’ve got the impression of knowing who it is was Belial.

He was dressed like a biker with his back turned to me andgave me a shitty look by tturning his head around.
This happened the day after I tried banishing him after evocation.

Yeah that didn’t go well.He’s here to stay.But after I questioned him on if I pissed him off he basically laughed and said nothing I could do could get rid of him and that he sees me as a child that doesn’t understand their parents lol.

Well I just got done with my first evocation of him since we signed the pact last night so we’ll see if he delivers.

I’ll announce details as they manifest.

I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this.I thought the spirits were pissed at me but I guess that’s just how they look as I suspect they’re serious most of the time.

Thanks guys!

I get this too. They’re not moving their mouths though, it’s just random faces morphing in and out of my mental visual field. Some of them are really good looking, others are well not so.

This won’t be the popular opinion but a lot of this is mental clutter coming through. You learn to get past a lot of this with meditation, when it happens stop and start over until you can reach a deeper state. The mind naturally rebells against silence and meditation, faces, colors, geometric patterns and other images are quite common.

This is not to say it’s useless, a lot of this is the subconscious speaking up , you can use it to see where and what is going on at a deeper level . It’s not surprising occultist and magicians see things related to the occult, no different than a proest or monk having a “religous experience” while meditating.