Seeing owls everywhere

About 2-3 weeks ago an owls head with big blue eyes crossed my mind while meditating. Since then I’ve been seeing an owls image at least once every day, statues in random shops, restoraunts, t-shirts, tatoos and so on.
I’m currently working with Belial and im almost sure he has nothing to do with it.
I’ve worked with Bune about a month or two ago and I read some say he is the mask of Atina or she is his which ever way. So that may be where the owls come from but I doubt it.

What could this mean?


Do YOU have any particular thing or person that you associate with Owls?

Do you have an ancestor who loved owls or come from a group that had sacred owl symbolism?

What is your intuition telling you.


No, none of that. I’m feeling it could be the influence of some spirit that wants me to work with it on my ascention.

There are multiple spirits associated with Owls. Which one feels right?

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Have you done any Divination on the subject?

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I tried tarot but it makes no sense when I ask about. I was thinking Astarot but I don’t have a strong intuitive feel about him ,oh and 4 coin divination told me it wasn’t him.

I get the feeling you should look into Athena/Minerva.


I’ll look into them, I tought it would rather be a demonic entity since I focus my work on them but since im not getting a feel for any such entity that might be the case

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It’s worth a shot. There have been times where I was looking for one entity and an entirely unrelated one showed up instead because they had something important to say.

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Have you looked into your own native mythologies and possibly Chernobog?


My whole body started shivering when I read Chernobog as I started writing a reply!

I was reading about slavic entities, I was interested in Morok and Baba Yaga . I will research on him. Thanks!

Oh no no no. Entities from other paradihms intrude all the time.

I was focused on Norse/Germanic stuff when Daemonic entities decided to intrude, and then their Draconic aspects and other Draconian entities decided to mix it all up.

And then there is the one or two Celtic energies that I sometimes feel are close by watching me for some reason.

Things get messy. They get really really messy.


Thanks for sharing! Useful information

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I noticed it was suggested to explore owl spirits in your cultural roots. You might be getting a push towards what the the goetia calls Stolas. Not a demon in any common use of the word, IMO. Rather, a very high tier nature spirit that has a presence in cultures around the world. If you are nature inclined, or curious in a general sense as to the mysteries of life and how it all fits into nature, then this could be big for you. You might be getting a call.


Smack hoof against muzzle (sp) - Stolas of course!!!



Hey you were right, it was Chernobog!
I don’t know what he has to do with owls (didn’t found owls in any text about him) but when I tought if it could be him I instantly felt a presence and my skin started shivering for 20 seconds, no reason (29 degrees c outside).
I did coin divination and when I asked were the owls his influence they were pulled heads up go the table like a magnet when I let them out of the hand. Instant yes, them I asked if he would teach me it was a yes but 3 heads not 4.

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Perhaps useful? Owls could be messengers.