Seeing Lord Asmodeus Sigil

How’s it going guys? Is there anyone on here who has worked with Lord Asmodeus and have had his sigil flashed in their inner vision? Yesterday when I came home from work and getting my car fixed. I went to bed and felt my usual vibration around my bed but has gotten more electric then before since I started working with Lord Belial and asked him to remove any energy blockages as well as any parasites that maybe attached to me. Anyway; I felt someone around me and asked if it was either Lilith, (As many of you know I also work with her), or Belial and the energy buzzed in my center as to inform me that it wasn’t either. I then asked if it was possibly my succubus companion but it wasn’t either then asked as to who was around me and Lord Asmodeus gatekeeper sigil appeared in my inner vision. What do you guys think? Thanks!


Wow this is a syncronicity for me. I just evoked Him and Belial last night! And the gatekeepers just before i left the house!

I would say to contact him man. He must be reaching out to you


I’m probably going to tonight if I’m feeling well. Been fighting this damn cold for a while now. He’s someone like Belial whom I’ve been wanting to work with for a while also, especially; with the relationship that he’s had with Lilith before. I think much like I’ve felt drawn to Lilith, I think I’m also drawn to Lord Asmodeus.