Seeing is believing

Ok I posted the other day that I could see a little the dark. Several posted they also could. I was just doing some energy work in dim lighting, and I noticed I could see energy coming out of my finger tips. So decided to build an energy ball between my palms. I saw it building and noticed the ball was spinning. I sent the ball out on a mission. I’ve seen the purple akashic (astral) energy all my life, but this is different. There was so much static energy between my palms, I couldn’t see through it. Has anyone noticed anything similar? What other things am I gonna discover in the future? Lol


This is interesting, but no that has not happened to me as far as I know. Good luck on figuring out what this means

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There was one time where I had an insane amount of energy and power. I was doing energy work outside under a full moon and manifested a clearly tangible ball of light. It was obviously there, totally visible…

Wish I could do that whenever… Comes with practice I guess.