Seeing and feeling fairys

DWeird syncronicity happening, after watching balg new vid i started seeing tiny fairys flying around my room and playing with my hair, pure innocent and harmless it seems lol!


Innocent and harmless, my ass! lol watch out for those little fuckers. They can be nice, but they can be mean.


Awww <3 that sound adorable XD

~Reminds me to John Kreiter’s servitor companion :3

They were tiny tanslucent lights, but brighter in middle and wings were darker, like they were trying to catch my attention.

Checkout Brian Frouds work on the Fae. You will love it :slight_smile:

All fae are mischievous…watch out for not finding things for a while…



Sorry to say - But you are very wrong.
Not all fea are mischievous.
Like humans, Some are “good”, Some “bad” while some are simply indifferent!

I have had fearies help me out before out of the goodness of their hearts.

when i say mischievous, I don’t mean it as a negative. i mean it in general, its in their nature.

if you encounter fae that help you then that is that’s great. but as a general statement without meaning that mischievous is that they are bad.

being mischievous is in their nature. Plain and simple, I have had fae just play around me, and i have had them hide things on me. nothing bad.

being playful and mischievous is in their nature. and they know i mean no dis-respect to them.


Mischievous can mean…
1)Annoyingly playful
2)Deliberately causing harm and damage

I have met Fea who are “quiet, not playful but good even though she doesn’t smile much”

It’s not possible to meet with all Fea and state their general nature so you can’t be too sure about your “general”-classification.

I am not saying i am right, I am just implying that the Fae i have encountered have a contrast nature to what you described.

So while some are playful and mischievous - Some aren’t

Perhaps i don’t understand your meaning of ‘mischievous’

Between Friday 13, the fairys and the elementals rune i keep pulling out, shits gone crazy af, i think we all in a sim beimg tested, my instincts are telling me shit isnt right here, storm is coming.

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