Seeing a rainbow around a light bulb

Hi everyone
Few days ago i was alone trying to find out which archangel would be best to help me develop my senses. After sometime the following names came to my mind: metatron, Michael, Gabriel, and Raziel. So I started researching on how to called or evoking them. After reading about them online i became more interested in calling on Raziel. So i started to imagine how Raziel would help me achieve my goal. This process took me about 5 to 7 minutes my phone rang so turned around to reach out to my phone which was a little distant from me .but to my surprise i
saw a rainbow around two of the white lightbulbs
I could not understand neither could i believe my eyes so i rub my eyes to make sure and after rubbing my eyes the rainbow colors were still there so when under the lightbulbs but i was still seeing it. Out of fear and did not know what was going on i got outside and went to my friends and still there for some time. When i came back the rainbow colors were still there. That still about à whole day before the rainbow colors disappear.
What i could not understand here is the rainbow colors could not be seen on other lightbulbs that were in other rooms. Does anyone had an experience with rainbow and what does that mean. I would highly appreciate and help from anyone in here

Rule out eye issues first, just to be sure.