Seeing 111/222 a LOT

So usually people see it like two or three times a day at most. I’ve seen it around 5 or 6, just on average. It’s fucking everywhere. 1111 also shows up when it can.

I’ve noticed this lately, and it’s only getting more intense. It’s very loud. If it means anything, I am trying to manifest something right now.

I know what it means when it shows up every now and then, but what does it mean when it shows up all of the goddamn time

SW 1111 10 times today

These are power numbers and certain combinations mean certain things. My birthdate is actually 11/11 and my house number is 11 :rofl:. I see the time 11:11am most days. I posted something about this a few weeks back

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Yes, but what does it mean

In my situation

It means you are on the right track. But 3s are better because 3 is expansion.

Numbers could only mean numerology. So look at the significance of the meaning of 1 and 2 and how it could relate to your life. And if you are frequently seeing those numbers in sets of 4 or 3, try applying the numerology concepts of those numbers to the 1 and 2 and see what you can come up with.

As a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

I also see 3s everywhere, many times a day and at meaningful moments. Spray-painted on bins, the road, and letterboxes etc.

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I mean I get 3 occasionally but not nearly as much

I like numerology so far.

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So these messages are intense and the intensity of them leads you to feel a certain way.

So if your reaction is “Oh my God what the HELL is going on??” Then perhaps it means there is something you are really not seeing/realizing and so the signs want you to get what it is.

At this point I feel like I’ve discovered everything I should, I just have a hard time believing it. I’m not very optimistic lately, it’s very hard to be

All that exists is power, so just attain more power and everything else will come with it. Plus use intelligence.

MEANING of 11:11 - Have You Been Seeing 1111, 222

Check these out…they might give you some insight :sunglasses:


My life path number is one but I dont see how that means much. I never really got it, like “oh I guess I am a leader”? Ugh

I mean, hey, manifestation buff

It means you have leadership qualities and people will turn to you for advice. I recommend that you meditate on your discovery of your life number as there maybe more to unlock or work with a spirit to help find out more.

Star girl is awesome I started watching her when I was just getting into this stuff as a young teen , is it me or does she look very alien like , pleidian ish appearance

:thinking: I have a lot of ones, fives, threes and at times twos. Example is my birthday 11/15/1991 :joy: another is a old school ID I had back in high school 152309 and of course my latest example is my luggage tag from the airplane ride. My main life path number is one but I was told I had another which is five soooooo :joy:

:joy: Iv been interested in this type of stuff. I find it interesting how some people have more natural draw to numbers.

My birthdate is 11/11 and my house number is 11…I see the time 11:11 am most days :rofl:

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My last place I was at had the number 1013. A few past apartments I was for example 2323 or 415 :joy: I think even my childhood apartment was 313. So I find it funny also my most recent apartment I moved back to last year before I moved was just upstairs from the old one I lived a few years ago. And the manager who helped us moved in had us in another but “unexpectedly” had that one ready first on top of that when she said “Welcome back home” I got such epic goose bumps :joy:

Also just noticed. 2+3=5 5+5= 10 1+0= 1. :joy: also 4+1=5 5+5= 10 1+0=1

It seems like that is your spiritual haven. I see the number 3 is a big part of your life…here is a thought…if you know your life number then you can plan your journey accordingly

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Trying to lol but it’s still a bit of a process in the works. :joy: but I can see the whole three is possibly part of it.
Iv definitely been working on my 1s as of late especially. 5s are natural to especially given how I can just move so drastically with no quorums. But also that means I need to learn to settle down in a spot which especially my history that’s hard. :joy: