Seed used in sympathetic magick and as offering

Some of you who have experienced using seed as offering to attract demons?
Is it possible as a form of sympathetic magick?

Sympathetic magick is when you use one thing to represent another, so strongly that as far as the magick is concerned, the stand-in IS the other thing.
A common example is in the use of poppets to represent a person.

An offering is not sympathetic magick.

And you don’t generally make an offering to attract entities, you offer to them after they already arrived. Ideally to ask them and check they even want that offering. The wrong offering has been known to offend some.

An exception might be leaving milk and bread out for the Fae, where you don’t know the specific Fae, you just set a general intention that you are making a tribute to the fairies.


There are a lot of spirits on this world. You can attract wondering spirits like that, but you’re not going to attract a great Demonic King or really any spirit from another world, unless for whatever reason they just so happened to be at that place at that time, which is extremely unlikely.

But if you call them, genuinely, then they will come. Well, most of the time.


Some makes offerings both as a way of offering and to attract such as blood representing the life force of the magician.

It’s their funeral.

I think you want to control what you attract, not do the equivalent of throwing your door open in Queens and shouting “free beer and pizza!”. Or the n00b Ouija user going “Is anybody there?”. You will definitely attract parasites.

Better make sure your wards and banishing are on point if you’re going to do that.


I ask about using seed because I’m concerned with using blood offering because of the risk of sepsis.

Why would you want to attract randoms? Nobody does that, for good reason.

Even when you have great communication skills, there’s no point, randoms are 95% useless to you, they’re usually just out for a free ride.

Attract a known entity by name with it’s sigil. Get your communication up to speed, learn how to verify you get who you wanted, and banish if you get an impostor.

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If your question is “can I use my semen as an offering?”, the answer is yes, and a search here will show you posts where people are doing that.

It’s more than just offering. As I understand the purpose of blood sacrifice then the blood is used to connect to and attract demonic forces. My question is then that the seed can be used as an alternative to blood because it contains the white blood cells within.

No, it’s not a blood substitute.

It’s it’s own offering with it’s own energy, meaning and intention.

It’s related, it’s got living human qi in it - but you’re not giving up your actual lifeblood here, like menses, you’re giving away something that you would produce anyway, and otherwise have flushed down the toilet. Giving the orgasmic energy with it adds to it’s oomph.

So, it’s a secondary offering, not usually received as well as blood, but for the right spirit it could be better. You’d have to ask the spirit - best to ask first as some can get offended by human fluids as offerings.

Think energy… It’s about the energy in the offering, which includes your emotion and energy taking it out of you.

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