How sexually seductive can a demon or God make a man ? A guy who looks generally good. Could he be so seductive that the most faithful women lust for him ?


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With glamour magick you can reach an aura of magnetism. That would make you attractive and sexy. I recall a book about this, Damon Brand - magical seduction


The thing is, attractiveness may be a byproduct of working with the entities. You learn to become more discipline (routine rituals, healthy diet, fasting, clearer thoughts, more drive, more confidence, calmness, favor from the universe.) This alone can help you achieve your goals. Also working with a sexual spirit (succubus/incubus) may also be beneficial (they usually give you advice but may only want you to be with them. You may not even need to look for an actual person.)

He needs more than looks - men are super visual, women go for power first.

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Try Prince Sitri. It’s working for me.

Yes you can. It’s call evoking the demon IlluminatiPindar. It’s inside this demon that knows the answer. Too many people are scared to look at such demon(themsevles) and bring out the best of this demon by refining through self cultivation/social skills. =o) There is no limits if u tap into such power from this demon illuminatiPindar. Challenging part is finding the source within this demon to make the world explode at his/her magnificence.

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Looks is a big factor . You can’t deny it. For both genders. More so for males . You can’t dismiss it for ladies too.


I didn’t say that. I said power is more important.

Handsome af construction worker vs also-kinda-cute exec/politician/site boss…
Guess who gets out-competed?

Actually it’s worse than that. Women will pick the guy to settle with for security, and cheat on him with the construction hottie. So she gets the ideal combination of genes for the baby and security for them both.

So yeah, be as hot as you can, get ripped, but there’s more to having a man-card than that - do work on yourself so you can compete. Then you’ll have your pick.


Neither looks nor money is needed for a man to pick up a good looking girl. It’s just a matter of practice. Work on your body (that doesn’t mean you should look like Zac Efron), dress with nice clothes, be confident… there’s a lot more to it but you get the point.


there’s different criteria for certain type of ladies. Someone who wants one nite stand vs a marriage type have different needed criteria. One nite standers don’t care about anything but the looks or excitement for the night as they won’t see you again… marriage type wants money power and security. All depends on the phase of the lady’s life that determine what get through to them. then there are those that are gold diggers and don’t care for one nite or marriage. They just want you hanging around to exploit your cash or indirect cash such as spending on them. Tough to find quality ladies these days. Most , i say most, are superficial.


Hey! Could you tell me more about how exactly you approached Prince Sitri?

It’s not always power first, I don’t think. Most women I’ve known want both, and will choose a man who has power and looks, and I was the same way. Glamour magick is something you’re going to have to keep doing, but Prince Sitri is one I haven’t invoked, I’ll have to look into that.

Evocation. I meditated while listening to his Enn then opened his sigil, then estated my request and offered semen.

I can’t find semen. Can I offer any other body fluids?

oh, you’re a woman. I’m not sure if you can offer your menstruation blood. Ask a female member from the forum.