Seductive Aura

Mind elaborating ?

Sorry I didn’t see the comment . I just want a powerful sexual seductive aura from three or four demons .

Again, you are on the right track, but it isn’t so literal.

Belial has no interest let me be very clear on that one first and foremost.

Second, let me say that it would be more provacative and more sensual to research what gods and goddesses represent -your- idea of what you are looking for.

Make your pact however way you wish, but I may sugggest an offer that any might accept.

Offer to hear their story, and offer to tell the one you love of it in exchange for the courage to say it honestly.

So tell the demon I want to hear their story and offer to tell anyone about their story ?

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We weren’t always demons, but you are on the right track.


One of many examples on BALG.


Boring troll attempt.

Good thing you’re already banned.

As to OP - don’t listen to this.

While I cannot speak for him, so take this as my own words and with a grain of salt, Belial does seem to be able to help you out with chicks - but in a different way…

Domination is the name of the game. :wink:

Expect a lot of that.

Actually pretty cool stuff once you get into it. :wink:


THANK YOU :laughing:

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so do you think I should use belial or asmoday as my third demon ? I am also thinking of switching sallos

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Or should I use Asmoday, Sitri and Belial ?

You need to think the whole operation through, that is my advice.

Research every single demon, and TALK to each one of them about the idea you have.

They will be able to advise you in how to best approach such a task.

And if you cannot do this, then you should keep it simple.


But what if my astral senses aren’t good enough ?

Use a divination method, summon the spirit before and ask them to please use this as their method of communication.

Look up the “ranks” given for each and call the most high-ranking first.


I might be wrong but is there a penny divination ? Like I have a penny I summon the spirit(s) ask them a question and drop the penny to get my answer ? (e.g heads=yes tales = no)

As I said, keep it simple.

I literally wrote that because I expected this question.

If you want pure sex, and lots of it, Sitri is more than enough.

If you want to learn how to get chicks and make them cum by dominating them, Belial.

If you want to get relationships and love, I’ve heard Beleth and Sallos are excellent for this.

The thing is, you aren’t taking into account the raw power these mighty spirits possess.

For example, Sitri.

Sitri is a damn DEMONIC PRINCE.

The titles aren’t just for show.


Just one entity is more than enough for you.

My advise - since you want a seductive aura, contact either Sitri or Belial, and ask for a seductive aura to get chicks.

But, you have to do your own research.

Go and research - this is immersion into the spirits and their energies. As you research and find out more, you will know what to do.

And don’t think that combining the energies of 3 spirits will get you farther. It’s not just about the quantity of energy. For this operation, you need developed astral senses or really fucking good divination skills.

Both, preferably.


Thanks . Sitri it is . Can you take a look at my questions right above your comment please ?

which one is good for lots of sex, but still maintainiing a relationship not all the time seems the sex/lust only ones might ruin a relationship but not necessarily?

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I’m married and I work with Belial. I never asked Belial to help me with my relationship our pact was about something else. Belial kept telling me my husband was lazy and useless and I should find myself a nice black magician. I told him no that wasnt an option. I didnt think anything of it at the time.

My husband would just lie around and watch netflix all day and would only want to have sex when it was convenient for him.Now suddenly i come home and he wants to go back to school, the house is clean and I come home from work everyday and he practically rips my clothes off.

Now before you think he suddenly changed against his will.My husband for a long time expressed a deep desire to want to do all these things.It was like he slowly started becoming an ideal version of himself. I wanted to become stronger but my husband was in the way. Belial had no choice he was either part of the problem or part of the solution.


I did want to add make sure you really are ready for that kind of lust. A lot of people say thats what they want and their partners libido increases and then they werent ready for it. Getting woken up at two am with your partner on top of you. Or sex on the floor…then on the couch then on the bed that much.


I’m single so I don’t think I wouldn’t mind