Section 4 - God Of Fire Purification Chant

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Although I am a fan of E.A.'s work, I am taking a leap of faith so to speak as I had just recently purchased his ‘Mastering Soul Travel’ program. My issue is that I have no idea what is the chant that E.A. uses to help purify his chakras. He meantioned that it was a phrase that invoked a deity of Fire that would purify his chakras as he connected them from top to bottom.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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I can’t understand the long mantra he does after OM but the one for the God of Fire is Agni Tanno Pracodyat. It is given in his book Questing After Visions.

Anybody else know what the other one is?.

I’ve invoked agni-fire in the chakras several times.’‘Om Agni Devaya Svaha’’ works well for this purpose.

[quote=“dron, post:3, topic:5953”]I’ve invoked agni-fire in the chakras several times.’‘Om Agni Devaya Svaha’’ works well for this purpose.[/quote]Thank you! I think that’s the one EA uses in the video that I couldn’t catch. It seems he used both.

Yes, it would definitely help if those chants were in the workbook.

The Agni mantra for the Ajna chakra as given in lesson four does indeed appear to be “Agni Tanno Pracodyat”. On further research, it appears that some of the Sanskrit wording was reversed from the Agni Gyatri mantra from which, I presume it was derived; viz “Thanno Agni Prachodayath”.

The full Agni Gyatri mantra is
“Om Vaiswanaraya Vidhmahe
Laaleelaya Dheemahe
Thanno Agni Prachodayath.”

which translated reads;

“Om, Let me meditate on the flame that digests,
Oh, merger of all, give me higher intellect,
And let the Fire God illuminate my mind”.

However, there are two versions of the mantra which can be found at

I have been unable as yet to find the source material for the mantra for the Sahasrara chakra that EA gives. To me, it sound like “Om Yasadi Viyanama”.


It’s “om vasudevaya namah” that EA gives for the Sahasrara chakra in the Soul Travel course. At least, that is what I hear when I watch it.


Thanks DarkestKnight. The mantra seems to be related to Krishna.

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