Secrets to getting magick working

The language is feelings and emotions

All the secrets seem to boil down to this - emotions

If we feel as if we have something- it manifests

And we naturally detatch since we feel like we already have it

But now I’m wondering what the point is in Magick… and still wanting to understand and work it

Just wonderings on getting magick to work really

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Magick isnt just to manifest stuff… Magick is a practice of spiritual enlightenment, development and self transformation… Hopefully through it can achieve many life times of development in one.


That is often a dellusion of the rational mind for most people. I found that a lot in Wiccan communities where women expected to be found attractive by others people just by feeling attractive. Other people feel that they are classy, entitled people, but they are actually gross and uneducated. Some other people feel that they are winning the prize this time, and they lose. Some other people feel that they did enough, and their projects fail, and so on.

It depends on your current and specific workings you are doing, also, a great percent of your success has to do with yourself, specific characteristics of yourself, which would make the difference in comparisson with someone that is not that succesful with the same current and/or workings, but as there is an overall sense that everybody is the chosen one and deserve legions to conquer the world, people often overlook that aspect. Magick is like any other activity, some people are great at math, and others aren’t, also, most people forget the correct difinition of the word “magick” as presented by Aleister Crowley, which not necessarily has to do with psychic powers


There are no secrets , just hard work and failures that lead to success .

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