Second Tarot Deck Questions

I’m self taught when it comes to tarot so I’m interested to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences.

I’ve had my Barbara Walker Deck since my teens. It has always given me extremely accurate information, but was generally descriptive. What I mean is that the readings were not really about the future, but very good descriptions of the present problems and how to solve them. It’s been a great tool.

But I came back to his deck after a long absence and found that I didn’t resonate with the imagery like I used to. I found it to be too dark. It’s a negative deck in that it doesn’t shy away from the shadow side in the least. But at this point in time I felt like it had done its duty and it was time to use some different cards, cards with a more optimistic, positive feel overall.

I began looking for a deck and narrowed it down to about … 20!

I couldn’t decide.

Then I was at the Goodwill and found a deck in a box with a little book. It was the Hanson-Roberts deck. Something told me to get it, in spite of the strangeness that a previously used deck might expose me to. I went with my gut and got the deck.

Even tho the Hanson-Roberts wasn’t on my short list.

I did a last reading with my Walker deck and immediately did a comparative one on my new deck.

The Walker deck gave me a great analysis of the present. The new Hanson-Roberts deck gave me a great predictive/advice reading which is what I was hoping for.

I thanked the Walker deck (KonMari style) and retired it from active duty. I’ll happily use it if I want clarification of the present.

Does anyone else use different decks for different purposes?

I know it’s often frowned upon to acquire a second hand deck, so has anyone ever seriously adopted a used deck from a person they never met?

And finally, have you found that the type of deck you use is different at different phases of your life? My life is positive now and the the darkness of the Walker deck just feels like a thing of the past.

i think maybe you could do a big cleansing? you probably still have your teen energies on it.

Definitely. Can’t speak for everyone, but I have tarot/oracle decks I use for mundane stuff and other ones for magickal matters. Even have a deck I used with a certain spirit alone, which is now “retired from active duty” (as you have amusingly put it :slight_smile: ) due to having finished working with the spirit already. The only “all-arounder” deck I have is the original RWS tarot. And boy, is it brutally honest while doing so lol.

I have often read about this as well, but personally, I’ve bought a secondhand tarot deck online so many times and I never had problems connecting with/using it. Since where I live is still very religious, there’s few to no decks available and even fewer (almost non-existent TBH) metaphysical stores/sections among bookstores in sight. Not to mention the few ones available are waaay too overpriced, hence me searching high and low online for affordable yet still compatible decks. I guess the belief about secondhand decks doesn’t really affect the way I work because I’ve never really paid attention to it… along with my automatic tendency to cleanse + bond first with said cards, whether brand new or secondhand, before actually using them.

And the cleansing of energies from the cards is nothing fancy either. I just let them soak in some sunlight properly or I simply take my time arranging the cards in order while admiring + getting a general feel of each card. I’d say it doesn’t matter if it’s frowned upon or not by most: if you feel intuitively drawn to a deck, just go for it.

I don’t really recall using different decks for different life phases, because I just decide based on which deck is intuitively calling out to me the most regarding the matter at hand. But then again, that’s just my experience.

This experience with your decks though is something you should give yourself a pat on the back for and be proud of, I think, because it just means you and the energies you resonate with are changing for the better and there is/will be positive forward movement from whatever it is that held you back in the past.

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