Second Opinion: Tarot Interpretation Help

Included is my own interpretation. I’m trying to get better at interpreting tarot cards. I’m using the wild unknown deck.

Question: how does ___(insert name) feel towards me?

Spread layout info: The top card is the overall message, or how they feel towards me outside of time (past, present, future). The bottom left card represents how they felt towards me in the past, the bottom middle card is how they currently feel towards me, and the bottom right card is how they feel towards me in the future

Any tips on how I’m interpreting the cards (if I’m misinterpreting a cards meaning) is appreciated. This is more a practice reading and the answer isn’t like urgently needed. More just curiosity and a good question to practice reading the cards on.

5 of swords- This card visually looks like a rope was cut in half by swords. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a rope or a worm as I can see it look like that too. The number 5 means change and with the rope being cut in half…this perhaps means something like bondages being cut/released? Perhaps this is the type of change or action that is happening as a main theme? This card doesn’t really seem like a feeling card, more like an action card. It also doesn’t seem negative despite the Google meaning of the card since I’m interpreting it different.

The Emperor - the emperor is another card that doesn’t seem very feely to me. I think it’s more logical? So maybe the person had a more logical relationship (in how they viewed/felt towards me) then one of feelings? The tree in the picture looks sturdy and strong so perhaps this also translates to them and me.

9 of wands - this one looks like steps leading up to a crescent moon made of sticks or branches. So maybe there are obstacles in my path forward or between us that needs to be overcome? But with the crescent moon being lit up and out of the darkness, it looks like there’s feelings of hope between us or something.

Ace of Cups- I was happy to see this card in the future position! Especially since cups is a emotions type of card…being the ace of cups is a positive sign…new beginnings and expanding energy! As shown from the yellow light rising from the cup! So perhaps there’s going to be positive emotions or beginnings in the future!

You might want to look up what the cards mean rather than look at the pictures only. Most card decks come with a booklet that tells you these. If you shuffle them randomly, there are also two meanings for every card, upright and reversed re different, though not always opposites often so.

I do recommend using them both ways up, not least because some of the nastier cards have better meanings in reverse, swords having a couple at the top of that list.

I would say they are all emotions cards, when you read what they are about. There are free resources online for these descriptions. Mine are from my personal deck, the Tarot of the Cat People.

5 of swords means conquest, defeat and destruction of others, degradation or dishonour. This seems really negative as a “how does x feel about me in general” answer. Did you embarrass them at some point?

IV The Emperor is about pride and self confidence, a feeling of being secure in his rank, and he inspires others and impresses them with his positive personality. This to me gives ideas of great first impressions that were very positive of the person seeing you wit these traits.

9 of Wands is expectation of difficulties, awaiting tribulation, anticipation and hidden enemies, but also a pause in a struggle and order/discipline. You have a feeling of someone feeling defensive and wary, with their guard up.

Ace of Cups is extreme bliss, joy, fertility, change, opulence, pleasure, beauty and a favourable outlook.
Ah, I wouldn’t say an ace was to do with new beginnings, if anything ace is an ending card, the King is the always the first at the beginning of each suit. The other cards make it clear you’re in the middle of a situation anyway.

You seem to have a strong start, something went very wrong but it can be fixed and turn out for the best. Whoever did what, they didn’t mean it to be taken as aggression in the way that it was, the person on the defensive may be overreacting or misunderstanding something, given how extreme the turnaround is: that implies there’s really nothing to fear.

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Emperor appears to be a large oak tree to me. (Some would call this the “king of trees” I believe)

Nine of wands looks like ascending stairs out of darkness/a thick woods. The moon illuminating a clearing ahead presumably. (Seems like you’re working on it)

A worm is an interesting choice for the five of swords.

If you look closely there’s actually TWO worms, though it’s also clear they were cut apart.

Regrowth is implied, or some kind of adaption to the situation.

Oh…hmm that makes sense.

I had lost my booklet for my deck, I was looking up the meanings but not all the Google ones seemed to fit for the situation. Plus I had heard that sometimes the meaning can be instead in the image of the card and not always the words/textbook meaning of the card so was going with my gut feeling on what my impressions of each card was if what I researched didn’t match/etc.

The emperor looked like a big tree to me too. I guess I can also take it as a grounding force? Since trees are grounding to me. Symbolically but also litterly.

I took it as one worm cut in two, but my first impression was a rope cut in half.

The artists interpretation doesn’t change the meanings much. Try Learn Tarot Card Meanings |, you can just tap the card and go straight to the meanings.

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Following your advice I’m gonna try another quick interpretation reading then to see if I improve. I’ll post this on my tarot journal thread and just @ you then instead of adding to here. It’s gonna be a basic 3 card (past, present, future) reading for me. So basic and easy (hopefully lol)


If it’s an oak as I think, it’s also worth contemplating the wide range of use oak wood has especially in building.