Second Dream Involving My Baby

This time there were angels involved. Well they appeared as what I would expect an angel to look like or perhaps two of the gods because they seemed golden in certain areas and had wings.

It was hard to hear what was being said but there was an entity that was trying to trap or capture me. Then there was a battle. I saw beasts and godlike beings fighting over my unborn baby.

(I am detoxing so I don’t know if this is just me having paranoia or something actually significant)


A dream can be and often is just a dream.

Protections in place and regular cleansing are a good idea regardless; it’s just good to keep those up. Helps bounce any nasty energy people send away from you back to them. If you have those up then you should have peace of mind.

Don’t trouble yourself mentally. Just focus on continuing your detox and preparing for your child.


New mother? Ive heard many new mothers talk about bad and bizarre dreams involving their children. I think it’s just a survival mechanism.

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I would second @JezebelleMoon on this. Set up protection, get a hamsa amulet just because, and keep it with you.

It’s probably just maternal hormones spooking… so set up the defense peremiter, and then go on with your life, and forget all about it knowing it’s “taken care of”. If anything it will easy your mind :slight_smile: