Second Audience with King Paimon

Tonight I called forth King Paimon once again. This time my wife and I decided to practice separately. I reached TGS fairly quickly and kept the room pitch black. I found a very nice rhythm to chanting his majesties enn and fell right in.
I witnessed swirling white smoke or similar substance in front of my eyes, sometimes making distorted faces. I requested my task and asked a few questions. Once finishing and thanking the king for his audience, I witnessed a black shadow (blacker than pitch black) move from the wall to the corner and dissipate to the floor. I felt a sense of happiness that he allowed me to see even though I knew he was there from the intense energy fluctuations.
Let the journey continue



I’m really glad that your workings are proceeding well!


The King Paimon has made his presence known. He favors you.