Season 2 Q&A with Belial

I decided to seperate the thread here because this new set of questions is unrelated to what went before.
I was told things I wasn’t too pleased with relating to contracts but I guess that means I can focus in a different area.
Prelude: The freeman on the land movement posits the theory of tacit consent and agreement by default - this theory powering their fee schedules and commercial liens and so on.
Some set questions with some freestyling. Sigil charging and some incense.

Q How may posession benefit me?
Belial: The spirit within can communicate strongly and powerfully with no incense or candles or interruptions, the presence is constant you can feel the energies. It is not dismissed at the end of a ritual or the breaking of a theta gamma sync, the flow of information is constant, they share the head. Your thoughts are your own but have companions, you may distinguish the internal voice from the spirits more easily in the posessed state. Evocation will be a necessity to manifest its power for change via ritual until you reach a more blended state. At that point your wishes are carried by the energy of the spirit.

Q How may blood help evocation?
Belial: The blood is the power source of life. You give a life of a physical sort not just a form with the power of the blood.

Q Explain the use of blood in pacts.
Belial: The blood is a bond. Blood binds. It binds you and your family. Blood is thicker than water. The blood used in a pact binds the pact with the closeness of binding a physical family.

Q Explain the magickal use of pacts and contracts in relation to the freeman movement.
Belial: A pact is superior to a contract. A contract is a con - in the word itself. Form pacts in order to be binding

Q So the freemen movement should be trying to make pacts with the adversaries.
Belial: They should form a pact but the pact requires agreement, what will an adversary agree to?

Q Obvious statements - I’m free, I’m not subject to their laws - child of the universe and all that.
Belial: They do not agree to this and you do not agree to their assertion of your slave status. The freeman contracts do not bind as you cannot bind nothing. The strongest assertion of the freeman is there is no agreement between the parties.

Q Then - how to bind government agencies so they leave me alone?
Belial: Don’t tell them! Bind them! The magickal pact which they may be punished for breaking must be entered voluntarily by the parties. They desire to control you. They will not enter a pact and cannot be bound by the terms. Bind them without their consent or knowledge.

I thanked the spirit for these insights.

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I see we have a similar hobby…

Of course Belial answered correctly, a pact is not even close to a government(corporate) or business contract. Although if you know the rules of contracting you know that terms can and are constructed based on presumption. The trick would be to remove any and all constructed conditions based solely on presumption.

Knowing how to properly void or reconstruct a contract based on proper terms or conditions, that are more to your benefit, will keep you in honor. If you don’t have agreement, well then, no binding contract. That which is unconscionable and not in good faith can be avoided, that’s not even including obvious fraud perpetrated without your consent.

His answer to binding them made me chuckle…sounds like Belial all right. What slave master has ever rejoiced at the thought of losing a slave? He’ll do everything in his power to keep you a slave, lawful or not. They like to ‘construct’ contracts out of thin air, so if you are concerned about honorable constructed contracts with them…well, make them an offer(with constructed terms), if they remain silent, well you can just ASSUME they assent to YOUR rules of contract…and use as much magick against them as you like.

Seems to me your next step is studying trust law and asking more questions.

Good luck.