Searchng for something without knowing what

This evening has been an odd evening indeed. I’ve been on the forums a bit reading random pages, following hints leading to search terms or other sites, thinking to myself about what it I’m actually looking for. I actually have little idea what I’m seeking, I just know there is something I 'm supposed to read about. Information perhaps, in idea or concept I have not considered, A point of view I’ve never yet considered? Perhaps a ritual I’m meant to do, or a spirit calling me to work with it? Surely I’ll know what it is I was supposed to find when I find it, lol.

I’m assuming this is not all that uncommon a thing?

I sometimes do that with the internet, kind of cyber-stichomancy. :slight_smile:

Dont stress too much over it. There is a list of events that must happen in Order. It is rather a matter of time.

Happens to all of us on occasion. It’s either a spirit or your subconscious leading you to find this “something”. And the links you’re lead to can seem so random and out of place, but they all eventually lead to where you need to be. Trust your instincts.