Searching For those who believe in a perfect Creator

Can the “Creator”, or God (non denominational) be less than perfect?

The answer directly impacts my perception of magick.

I lean more towards the idea of violent creation than creation by a deity. But, to answer your question, I would say it is highly likely said being would be imperfect, as I have yet to meet a spirit that wasn’t to some degree. But then again, we would have to argue whether we are talking perfection in terms of the human’s perspective or the spirit’s, as both are very different


When you look at some great creative people in the arts, especially authors and directors or “showrunners” whose minds oversee fictional universes, then you realise what a bunch of freaks and hypocrites they mostly are, I have to kind of wonder whether creating and then getting out of the way wasn’t a GOOD thing. :laughing:


What is perfect ? Yet, the definition even within our realm is subjective but if for a moment we may speak in absolute terms while we may relate this “perfection” to the Plato’s concept, ie Realm of Forms, imho we may say that there is a perfection at least something we may define as the perfection but that 's no more than a belief.

For example something may seem perfectly smooth to us; and it may be even the definition of perfect smoothness but it may not be smooth in nano level or even it is then maybe not in higher dimension, 4tth 5th etc (I mean physical dimension here) so even something with ultimate smoothness exist within Realm of Forms we may not even imagine or at least imagine it so as to understand it, within our limited capacity, maybe after death.

So there may not be a clear answer to that question at least within our domain, all answer that are based on duality of yes or no will be based on acceptance and hence they are simply a belief.


Well as to my mind, in terms of free will, I lean towards that being the definition of a perfect universe/Creator. This simple aspect is perfection as it allows for the most growth of the individual.

I cannot think in my experience, ( mortal and limited experience of infinite lifetimes since the inception of my soul) of a better method, but then I make Pizza for a living.

So with the idea of free will in mind, I tackle the concept of good and evil.

In judeo Christian Islamic beliefs they profess a battle of wills, between Lucifer and God, and the concept of the fallen. With the remaining Host as the “good”.

But as the story goes Lucifer having been present before creation disagrees with God’s creation and in his pride is cast down. Fine and dandy if anyone prescribed to that thinking I don’t judge.

But, it’s my thought the Dogma of endowing all of his angels with free will, and then casting them down for disagreeing, and not staying put in their assigned roles is unreconcilable.

The forces we call Demonic, tending towards darker aspects ARE the eternal representation of perfect creation. As are the Lighter counter parts.

Free will.

We all choose our path, and learn from our choices.

Therefore in doing as I Will, I act in accordance with God, with love in my heart.

This concept came to me recently.

Then I wondered immediately, hmmm, what’s Lucifer’s opinion on this. Figure to ask him directly soon.

And that isn’t to say you can’t act in accordance to God with hate or vengeance or selfish motives. GOD doesn’t care to my mind, as long as you gain towards your higher Self.

I agree with all you state, for the purpose of my query I’ll define Perfection as the ability to create a realm for a function of learning, by way of a purposeful getting out of the way (as a supreme act of love) . Requiring no worship. And naught but the improvement of the Self.

And I’m fully aware of the extreme subjectiveness, and I’d like everyone to not be politically correct. Come at this like we are 6 drinks in and euphoric. ( Beermuscles are 4 drinks away)

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I don’t believe in a single creator/source or a perfect anything unless you go off the idea that it’s imperfections that make something perfect but eh I digress.

Perfection doesn’t exist. Much like world peace, it’s an idealism that will forever be out of reach.

That’s interesting. What’s your thinking on the cosmos/creation?

Perfection does exist in fact, it comes in frothy mugs or by bottle …

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I believe in the big bang, whether it was by means of divine intervention by say the Primordial Gods is up in the air to me, but somewhat leaned there as I believe the source(s) are the universes themselves.

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Big bang is our realm for certain. But how and why all the matter of the universe appeared there is the mystery! Fun stuff.

I think I forgot to tell you I love you, man.

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No, God the “Creator” cannot be imperfect, or else god cannot be God the Creator. The Prime Cause cannot be added to nor subtracted from, nor multiplied nor divided.

it boils down to what we mean with perfection.
If something is perfect then it cant need any refinement, growth or change as that then would change the perfect state.
As our universe is in constant change it is not perfect as is but it allowe change to come down to a ”perfect” state eventually so our univers is balancing itself out and all we do in it Will have an impact in one way or another towards that goal.
But all we do is still part of the gigantisk equation that can describe the universe.
So is the universe perfect? Well not yet.
Is it created by a perfect being? Sure could be even thou i dont see the point(:

Yes it can. No it can not. The answer varies. What we perceive as imperfect are only change in a universe of relativity. God is perfect in the sense that he/she is the realization and fullness of all that was, is or will be. At the present in our manifestation God is not based on our limited view but from a relative perspective he/she is perfect as the simbol of our own perfection.

The creator and creation cannot be separate as the creator is the primal matter from where all forms comes. We all do wat we want and at the same time we do Gods will. God like the mind needed himself to comprehend himself and thus we are here to live the fullness of god (ourselves) throug our experiences. Thus all is God center in everything but circumference nowhere.

That’s a cool belief, but I don’t consider creation to be God, nor everyone else to be Gods. To me A God is a race of being. But still nice belief.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to be so open and descriptive on a personal level.

To anyone who wishes to answer who has answered the first part.

How do you personally reconcile the entities we enlist to your personal creation theory?

To me I see them as individual manifestations of the same being. That being said like us they have unique personalities. In a sense all are aspects of the creator. But that does not negate their uniqueness in the world of relativity. Using the terms of sound. All is sound what varies is frequency.