Seal under the pillow(no success)

good Sunday everyone! Then even this night I tried to sleep with the seal (of the King Paimon) under the pillow … I meditated for a while 'on the seal and nothing.So what’s the problem?I wonder if he’s offended with me …if someone succeeds in channeling something, it would be a great pleasure for me, I’m meditating on my astral senses, but it probably still takes time, even if it’s quite frustrating as you all know! thank you :rose:

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Try putting it under your bed on the ground, also check its quantity, or try and remaster paimons seal.

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I think you should open it first… Just meditating on it won’t do anything. If you don’t open it its just a symbol on a piece of paper.

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I thought about it … then I probably never really opened a seal! I just saw it flashed a bit ', maybe it was an optical effect because I looked, hell, I’m still a disaster’:laughing: thank you for answering me!

Open the seal, meditate on it if you wish, write your request and place under the pillow. Wake up the next morning and work on your senses knowing King Paimon is with you.

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@anon59664668 open the seal. Not sure what your intention is. While your opening it Push your intent into that seal. Example “King Paimon i seek your help in increasing my awareness so that i can communicate with you. Thank you King Paimon”

I personaly use blood after its been fully charged with my intent. Then scry into it opening it further.

Place under pillow. Go into theta gamma state. Focus on the seal under the pillow. For me i get pulled into that seal. Ask questions and listen to your own thoughts. There your thoughts but not. You may feel surges of energy as well.


thanks! I appreciate all your answers! probably I have not work enough in these months … I will work on!
:sparkles:King Paimon if you are reading this, know that I always think of you! :sparkles:

I had just one experience with sigil under the pillow.
During a Rite of devotion towards Lucifer, I asked Him the permission to summon the Great Duke Dantalion.
Lucifer agreed.
I summoned Dantalion and asked Him my requests.
After the Rite, I annointed Dantalion sigil with my blood and put it under the pillow.
During the night I had a lucid dream and I had my answers.

I hope this is help.

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