Seal question

anyone familiar with these?

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a little bit. why? whats up?

came across it, or it called me. i tried to do research to consecrate it, thought it was one of the seals of solomon but doesnt look like it. my guide told me to use it, i just want to know if anyone has seen this before

seems like there is latin around the pendant so i suggest trying to look it up or if its unreadable takeing a rubbing of it to see it clearer

yep, i was doing a bit of that earlier… got some stuff in. some i still have to closely look into. Thanks

no problem
always happy to help

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Well I can’t say what it is used for, but we can tell a few things that it represents.

4 cardinal directions,
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
You have alchemical elemental symbols (Side and Star of David)
and a circle with the square surrounding it representing 4 dimensions.

I’d say this is used as a talisman not and amulet, for invoking Jupiter. I can’t make out the writing on the outside which could very well make my conclusion void. Looks dope though.


Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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5th and 2nd pentacles of Jupiter

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so i went to further reading, seems that these are seals found in the book Solomon. I need to read more about it

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what is the symbol inside the star of david?

I agree. It’s definitely an invocation circle. Looks almost like a alchemy one.

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Whats more interesting is that the middle symbol represents the alchemical process of algmanation, which is like what happens when you unite or combine 2 different things. The 2 side symbols of the square are the alchemical symbol for potassium carbonate…and the 2 other symbols are the elemental symbols for fire and air…

Looks like a formula for some sort of science… 2 potassiums, 1 air, and 1 fire, to create some sort of algamanation. very very interesting stuff.

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writes this down in his journal.

I still practice Druidry from time to time << >>

It sounds like a incantation / alchemical process for slowing down your blood pressure. I could be wrong though.

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Thank you so much for all the input, all of it are very helpful for me to understand the talisman