Seal or Sigil

Hello Everyone,

I searched in the forum but I could not find any decent explanation.

sigils and seals are the same ?

ıf so I know how to activate a sigil but I do not know how to open a seal.

For example lets say I want to give someone reading which sigil or seal I should be keeping at my desk

are they same or not…

Can someone teach me how to open a sigil and square in a recap…

Some people, like myself, prefer to use the term “seal” when talking about the symbols that represent spirits, simply as a way to prevent confusion with the Spare-style “sigils,” which are glyphs made from statements of intent.

Others use the terms interchangeably.

As for how to open a seal, use the search function. The how-to is in the BALG FAQ as well as a bunch of other places.


Thank you now my mind is in peace

sigils is more like a calling card or phone number to make contact.

seals are energy symbols where one have to activate the seal to use it’s power. It’s like a lid on a spell box. You open the box by way of activating seal and powers or certain kind come out depending on the seal. activating seal require exact wording that is connected to seal to open it. It’s like a key in verse form.

Personally, I find Sigils to be a symbol to draw power or connect to something else (such as a spirit), where seals are used to limit a source of power, such as planetary seals used to be placed over Kameas.