Seal Of The Sorceror Artwork

2019 update, these image files went missing from the server they were hosted on so I have re-uploaded and included a greyscale that can be printed then traced over in your own inks for a more authentic feel.





Cheers! I had plans this afternoon that fell through, so it was just me and my beloved Photoshop… and I was admiring the Seal EA had in one of his vids.

Also the motorbike, but it’ll be a while before 3D printers come THAT advanced! :wink:


so nice…

Awesome! I now use it as a wallpaper! Thanks!

Bumping this! :wink:

Very nice indeed.

I like it !

Beautifully done !

Bump. This is useful. Bump.

Looking so foreward to having it on the back of my left hand!!

Bump, the image links are now fixed:

Black and white:



Needs to be tattooed now, thanks!

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Your work is very beautiful well done.

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This needed a bump, just added to my magick book. Felt compelled to do it for some reason. My Head is light. Found an incantation i wrote i don’t know when and the world seems peculiar now.

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Reading around the forum about incantations :slightly_smiling_face: What is the incantation meant to do? What kind of spiritual pact :open_mouth: And what does the seal represent please let me know ^^ (those letters and symbols)

The traingle is the triangle of manifestation as the symbols show… can someone tell me what the letters represent? Maybe I might create an altar with that so really interested…
And the lower mantra is for spiritual pacts I’ve read

@Lady_Eva cant help contacting, hope you wont mind ^°^
OTOH… I dont have EA’s Mastering Evocation book, costs a lot for me… but reading some bits of pieces here on the forum relating to focusing on a red pentagram on the wall while reciting the Magickal powers incantation every morning for some days (which I’m doing without any pentagrams for now, just before evoking meditations from sigils), I wonder if I could use that seal for such purposes, and as for other evocation purposes too… :thinking: