Seal of The ark of damnation

Check this seal ive come up with. It is awesome i have tryed both of them they are really off tap well that was successful, o yeh this has been one of the Darkest paths I’ve been on, @asenath mason, check out these two seals i came up with, as a matter of idea look at the skull with the helmet and start scrying at it and see if you feel anything at all with it, its very necromantic i notice on the blackest side.:relieved:

This one Darkside of nature, vicious demon entity.


What does it do, with its eye of sauron?


Yeh i usually see face of death in the eye reminds me of the grudge, pail face black eyes mouth black, constantly changing, everything is a symbol.

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What is the function of said sigil/seal, if you dont mind my asking? Seems intriguing to say the least…

It is designed, to open up a portal, i usually trace the star counter clock wise, my aim is continually trace the pentagram anticlockwise constantly, upto a hour while going into a trance without my right hand middle finger going of line by keeping to the lines, my aim of it keep going until paper goes pitch black and the whole seal starts to go really blurry and eventually the seal starts to glow, i usually using it i start to get mouling sounds coming out side, i find 1 minute per cycle, i have been up to 600 cycles 3,000 points over 5 Hours, longest i have used it for, that skull with helmet symbol for soldier Demon, i find if i use it many nights in a row, when i go to sleep it apparently really transport me to a reagen of Hell and actually go there for real i find never to judge it.


No judgments here, just pure curiosity

No worries, ive been using that highest form of black magic since i was 17 years old, i got other ones to, not every night some nights between 3 to 5 am it start to contact Demons automatically while i asleep sounds like a sound of a Diesel locomotive coming into my home, something terrorfying, now i no freightened anymore, im use to it, more condition to it.

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Whats the point of making it an Ark of Damnation? Arks aren’t made to be that of Damnation, but rather they are created as a Safe Haven from the outside world.

Maybe that machine sound is the inner workings of a car with insane Horse Power =)

There just a form of Binary symbols around 2 inverted pentagram.