Seal Of Azrael

Hey guys a newbie here, i’ve never summoned or evoked anything before in my life but i just wanted to ask if it would effect me in any negative way if i got the Seal of Azrael tattooed on the left side of my chest where my heart is? Is there a way to contact Azrael to ask for permission without putting me in danger? Here’s the seal:

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Thank you for doing an introduction and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To answer your question, it is probably not a good idea to tattoo the sigil of a spirit upon your body unless you have already built a relationship with that spirit. Doing so allows the influence of the spirit into your life permanently and it is not something you can turn off or banish.

As you have stated you are new to magick, I highly recommend you not do so until you have at least learned to communicate with spirits and know how to banish unwanted influences.

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Damn, thanks for the reply, what about if i got his name in hebrew? would it be the same principle

His name wouldn’t have the same effect as his seal, though I don’t understand why you would want the name of a spirit you don’t even know tattooed on your skin. It would be like getting a tattoo of some random stranger’s name.


I done tons of research on him as well as Gabriel, Michael, Uriel etc. (not an excuse for me to get the tattoo) but i’ve always been fascinated and obsessed with learning about Archangels, Azrael in particular even though i’ve heard he’s a little aggressive for an angel so im not gonna say i know everything about the angel of death but his name does translate to help from God, and i just thought that instead of getting the typical religious tattoo in english, why not get a tattoo of the name of an angel that i obsess about and respect a lot? i can understand why it would be like getting a strangers name tattooed on me because i don’t think i have a relationship with him but nothing else comes into mind on what tattoo i wanna get

Edit: i want a tattoo in Hebrew or Enochian so that only i can understand what it says

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I would not get the name of any spirit, angel or not, inked on my skin just for the sake of getting a tattoo. There are millions of other possible things you could get imprinted on your flesh that would be a lot safer than mucking around with occult symbols.

Be aware that even marking yourself with something as simple as a name may set you upon a path that you might not want to walk. It can limit what other demons or angels you are able to call upon, as it marks you as belonging to Azrael.

If you still really want to do it, then I recommend you turn the whole thing into an act of devotion. Offer him the pain and the blood of the process.

I would recommend opening his seal and calling out to him. Find out if he would like a relationship with you, and if he agrees, then offer him your devotion through the tattoo. Make the whole thing a sacred act dedicated to him.

You can open his seal and call upon him with this method:

Talk to him and write down what responses you hear. Take your time and show him the respect you have for him.

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I work with azrael and I don’t think he’d mind or curse you that’s not really the purpose of archangels the seal on your body would show him dedication to his spirit so long as you pray to him and recognize what faith the seal is from as he is a spirit of many faiths but learning what magick that seal is from May be a good place to start in magical working with him and other archangels from the same system that’s my opinion

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When you say you “work” with Azrael, what exactly do you mean by that? and what was your experience like with him if you don’t mind me asking?

You know just regular invocation and stuff if that nature I more commonly work with st Michael and lucifer but my experience with azrael has been very eye Opening he teaches me many things

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Thought about it for a bit and as much as i want this tattoo, I think i’ll just reconsider or get something else, because im a really sensitive person when it comes to anything spiritual effecting me and i don’t want to take any risks especially one that might impact my life forever even though i look up to Azrael and respect him but thank you

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this also might sound silly, but if i were to draw his sigil on paper and put it in my pocket every time i go out for a week and nothing bad happens, would that confirm that he would let me get it tattooed? just so i don’t have to do the dirty work with my blood :sweat_smile:

That wouldn’t confirm anything, unless you open the sigil and call his energy in.

do i have to use my blood for that?

No. Your blood doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I’ve worked with him and this is the first time (outside of this one story) I’ve heard of him being aggressive. From my encounters, he’s been chill with me, if not a little intense. But I don’t know if that’s because he likes me or not.

This story is the only instance I’ve heard of him being aggressive, but that’s only because the person who evoked him was massively disrespectful to him.

If I were you, I’d invoke/evoke him and see if you can build a relationship with him. It would be a little more meaningful than just getting a tattoo.

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I wouldn’t recommend summing him that would be worse than getting his seal without his permission

…How so?

Also, I was unaware that you needed a spirit’s permission to get their seal?

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