Scyring in the night sky

So i was just outside with my pet and i started to scry into the Night sky, into the stars.

The fucked up part is:
I saw the stars and As i got deeper, they started blinking. They then started moving…in my direction. At first i was like,

“Oh its probably helicopters”
Cause we have alot of them in our area.
But then i realized, these “things” dont move as helicopters would. They also had a Vague “cloaked” appearance about them. And were circular. Like the size of a Small saucer.

They hovered above me and stayed there. I got the vibe that i should probably stop before I see something imma regret seeing, so i went inside :joy:

So what were those things? Aliens? Or someyhing else?


Something else sounds good. :neutral_face: :man_shrugging:

:thinking: hmmmmm

Try it again and see what happens.:grinning:

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We’re still hovering here, come out buddy :alien::alien: