Iv’e looked everywhere but I can’t find what i’m looking for? Can anyone tell me how to scry? I recently bought a scrying mirror and a small scrying bowl from Luciferian apotheca and I would like to speak face to face with azazel. Anyone can tell Me? :blush:

It’s pretty simple, really.

Get into TGS, open the spirit’s seal, summon it forth, then turn your gaze from the seal to the mirror…and wait.

A sign of success is when the mirror fills with white mist or fog.

If you haven’t developed your senses, the first few times you actually see the spirit, the voice will be out of sync with what you see, like a badly uploaded video.

If you want direct instructions, I recommend Works of Darkness by EA Koetting, or Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.


do you wait silently?

how do you get the fog to lift so you can see the spirit?

Yes. Be patient. However, you can repeat the summoning conjuration if you want to.

Again, you wait. The fog will lift all on its own. You can’t force it.

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how long does it take you typically and are you structuring?
do you have wait till the fog clears or can you speak your request then close the ritual?

in Works of Darkness
ea just says ask the spirit to come then look in the mirror and I have done the sastan exercise

so no structuring I believe