I made a black mirror using a $1 picture frame and some gloss black paint. It has a few bubbles and stuff, but reflects very well.

This is only my 2nd time ever trying to scry and also my 2nd time attempting to structure anything. The first time I did not see a white fog, smoke, or anything like this. The second time, I saw what appeared to be a bright offwhite that would appear partially and then fade. This happened a few times. Is this the “fog/smoke” everyone talks about? I then tried structuring the spirit I am trying to work with. Could not even get an outline. My ears did begin ringing. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

Any tips?

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First relax and don’t get frustrated, don’t treat it like work but more as a game, Scrying is not something anyone should be straining over.

Next you’ll want to get in the habit of doing it at or around the same time everyday, Again don’t see it as something your forced to do but as a fun activity you enjoy doing, i can’t stress that point enough.

Now i recommend working with Mepsitahl if you have not done so already, She’s one of the best to help with develop abilities like clairvoyance, and spirit communication. And fortify it many times over.

But whichever Spirit you choose, gaze at the sigil (it may help to hold your right hand just over the mirror when you do this, to let both you and the spirit know that’s where you want it to show up) when you feel ready say out loud for the spirit to show itself to you, then gaze in the same relaxed way you use with the sigil and let whatever comes come, don’t try to force anything just receive what does.

Scrying is in the mind, the magick imagination, the mirror and sigils are just tools, so don’t dismiss what’s in your head for the expectation of seeing things with your eyes, i had a lot of trouble in the beginning, an image would pop into my mind and i’d kept ignoring it because i was so intent on seeing with my eyes, until after a few weeks i realized there was no differences between those two concepts, once i understood that things really took off for me.

It will help you a lot to say again out loud what your seeing even if your alone “See it, Say it” and always try to keep a written record of your scrying sessions, that also helps out a lot in the long run.

And lastly once your done with a session give yourself a few moments to adjust back to normal reality (so you don’t walk face first into a wall instead of out the door. And yes that happen, more then once :grin:) In fact If your anything like me once you get heavy into Scrying grounding becomes the hardest part.

Hope this helps you some.


I have actually been trying to work with Mepsitahl.

I’ve been focusing with my eyes and practically nothing in my mind. I’ll work with what you said.

Thanks for the info!


Good advice.

So last night I got into TGS, opened sigil, gazed at the black mirror, saw the bright white come and fade, and then I had some jerking in my hands/arms. I didn’t think much of it until today. Still working on structuring in my mind and I didn’t see anything.

Is working with sigils of Sastan & Mepsitahl a bad idea to achieve same results?

Without being able to properly see or hear a spirit, should I attempt an evocation of Paralda yet?

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I don’t see any harm in it.

How else are you going to get good at it if you don’t practice it? Paralda, Mepsitahl and Sastan are all very understanding and have no greater joy then helping people develop these skills, So YES evoke him, he’s a very high energy kind of guy very fun to work with.

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Appreciate all the help!