Scrying with Paltator

Scrying is something that I’ve had trouble with for quite a while. I used to attempt to scry with my black mirror almost every night for weeks without ‘seeing’ anything, so much to the point that I just gave up on it until I was sure I was ready.

Now I’ve had Paltator’s sigil on my altar for the past few months as I would open it and request the angel to open my spiritual sight (Paltator is the angel of vision of the Kingdom of the Blue Flame in Kingdoms of Flame). Going through the Mastering Evocation course with EA constantly hammering down that the vision and voice originate internally through the magickal imagination, and after working on visualising, projecting and structuring, I decided to give scrying another go last night.

So I propped up my mirror, dimmed the lights slightly, took a minute to get into sync and opened Paltator’s sigil while visualising a black mirror with visions appearing. I felt a vague presence (something else I need to work on) and asked the angel to appear before me to activate my scrying vision and awaken my third eye. I took a moment to get a comfortable gaze into the mirror.

I saw nothing and couldn’t sense any impressions (which I later realised was because I was too tense), so I decided to get it started myself with a vision of a setting. At first a vision of a countryside with rolling hills came internally, then a subterranean setting full of caves and flowing magma, then an ancient city (which I was told was Akkadia by one of the inhabitants), then a galaxy, then a forest and then some others.

My attention was then drawn to Paltator – a figure wearing violet robes with straight blonde hair (I couldn’t make out any facial features as the whole session was very hazy). I talked with Paltator briefly, and while it still felt very much like I was making it all up, I was reminded to just give myself up to the process and to trust it.

The surroundings changed into what looked like the interior of a castle with stone walls, and we proceeded into a round chamber. In the centre of the room was a gold cauldron with a great blue flame burning from it. I was instructed to gaze into the fire and saw a vague image within it of three eyes as depicted in Hindu art. The two physical eyes then shut and the third - spiritual eye opened.

I was instructed to continue to scry Paltator for 7 nights in order to open my spiritual vision.


Great work Prye!!

Be persistent !!!

just finished my session with Sastan and he provided me with some “tools” to begin opening my astral senses.

keep at it!!

Thanks, S.V.E!

Your threads have been good inspiration!

I got a simple meditation lesson from last night’s session which in hindsight is somewhat similar to the indigo candle meditation in Ipsissimus.

When in a calm and relaxed state, visualise a stream of blue fire flowing into your third eye with each inhale. Feel it rushing throughout your body and purifying it – having all fears, doubts and insecurities burnt away. When you feel you are full, stop bringing in the blue fire and let it dwell within you for a moment as it continues to purify. I’ve felt a very noticeable warmth internally with this.

When you are ready, begin to expel the blue fire again through your ajna chakra as you exhale. Continue to do this – with each exhale leaving you feeling ‘lighter’ and with more clarity – until you feel you have expelled all but a small flame at the third eye.