Scrying with fire

So, I scryied with fire and the following occured to me. After I gazed into Sastan’s sigil, I gazed at the fire. Some time later, my vision started to “black out”, I could only see the fire dancing. Then, I started to hear some heavy breathing. It was pretty scary, but preety cool at the same time. But there was no “image” of Sastan in my head(well, I think. Because, it came kinda of an imgage on my head. It was like an red faced horned entity with the face of the “IMPOSSIBRU” meme. Yeah, I know). So, I was wondering if I did it right.

Thank you.

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Sounds like you managed to evoke /b/.

Where you trying to see Sastan, or just any spirit?

It was Sastan, if I’m not mistaken.

Ah, ok. Well good luck.

I’ve seen “them” scry fire too. I wonder what “they” see?