Scrying while high

While sober I can’t seem to get anything more than a slight fogginess over the black mirror. I called upon Pruflas while high ( read that he likes that type of energy) and the mirror glowed bright green, and I saw a black silhouette with red eyes behind me. Is there any side effect to scrying while high. Can it make it easier to scry while sober? Is what I see while high real?

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THAts crazy I was just thinking about this before I looked here lol anyways

I think that when high (I’m assuming your referring to cannibus) - you are obviously in a more relaxed mindset so it can be easier so to speak for your mind to begin to let go or to begin to go into a trancelike state.

Maybe useful but not necessary just my thoughts


The biggest side effect would be becoming dependent on the high. If you only scry while high, eventually you won’t be able to scry without being high and that will make all your magick harder.

Not really. While it might loosen your astral body a bit, once the high wears off, you will be back to where you were before. All “getting high” is, is entering an altered state, and you would be better served learning how to enter such a state without any substance at all. In my opinion, it would be helpful to anchor the state you are in when you are high, so you can call it up when you are sober.

Only as real as anything seen in an altered state of mind can be.

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