Scrying Success

I have been practicing scrying for a while now. Right now when I scry into a mirror I see the white fog and some colors (those that you see when you do third eye exercises) before me. When I focus and try to structure an image into the mirror, my inter vision does get a lil sharper but I can’t take it to the point where I can have a vision so strong that the physical eyes starts to see it.

So I am wondering this is enough for spirit communication. Any thoughts?

Thanks :blush:

Yes, it is enough for spirit communication.

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you can visualize the doorway whatever that doorway may be but the biggest mistake people make in scrying is trying to visualize the outcome. see the scrying mirror as a portal that ends at the place that holds the information your seeking, look into it and mentally move through it like a rabbit, snake or ant would move through a hole in the ground (thats the door i most often use). when you see strobes, flashes of lights or smoke move through it don’t stop expecting the answer to come from that image. i would advice chanting, or using a rattle while doing this to move into a trance state it’ll help you move through easier. whats the difference between scrying and conjuring?