Scrying question

Hi i would like to ask you something brothers
When you are scrying you see everything in your mind or in the scrying tool?

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It can work either way.

There are actually three ways you can experience it …

(1) You receive the information in your imagination. It’s not like you’re actually “seeing” it as much as you’re imagining it and the information is correct. It’s like a memory rather than living the experience the way you do in the physical world.

(2) You can actually “see” the images in your mind’s eye as bright, vivid, and clear visions. It’s almost like it appears on a movie screen within your mind. When I’ve experienced this, it’s every bit as real (and sometimes feels even more real) than seeing it with my physical eyes.

(3) You can “see” the images as bright, vivid, and clear visions with your physical eyes open. It’s like what you’re seeing is within the physical world or overlaid on top of it.

(1) is my default method for obtaining information and it works. (2) and (3) are what I think most people are talking about when they use the term “clairvoyance”. I’m still working on developing my clairvoyant ability so I can control when I experience things as (2) and (3).

As far as seeing it within the scrying tool, it can appear like it’s within the tool, but it’s all happening within your mind. Even your physical vision is happening within your brain, not within your eyes.


You can see it via goosebumps too and see it in a dream later x
You might even see a strange video or show on tv where you will feel you are being talked to.

Scrying is like opening up a portal x the message will come and hit you when you are ready

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What do you mean by “see it via goosebumps too”?

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It’s happened twice to me, when I activated my crown and third eye via magnets.The message literally came and hit my crown and I felt it being absorbed into me. I had goosebumps in my spine, neck and head at the same time.

The answer can enter you like an electric current if you are ready to face it.

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Ah, gotcha. It sounds like you experienced a Kundalini spike.

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I kind of did and it is exhausting me a bit too.