Scrying mirror's & book of azazel_gateway help

Greetings all,

OK…so I have my scrying mirror and and am preparing to consecrate it. Questions regarding the Gateways found in BofA:

  1. Has anyone used any of these specific Gateways on or behimd their mirrors. I’m looking for recommendations peoples!

  2. Are these BofA Gateways only to be used for BofA entities? Can anyone share their experience in using these Gateways with other entities other than with the Nethers?

Frankly, I’m thinking about backing my Black Glass with one of the Gateways, but Iwant to be able to scry with any entity. Can anyone share their practical experiences with.the Gateways and the Goetics, KofF entities, Angels etc.???

Thanks bros 'n Ho’s

  1. I have not…YET. I picked up the stuff this week to put he first gateway/universal circle on the side facing the magician, on the other I was going to place the second gateway on the back to bind a spirit from book of Azazel to it. I’ll be sure to post pics and an update when its done.

  2. A year ago I would have said yes, but now that the first gateway which later became the universal circle is now for any spirit instead of Azazel and his nethers I’ll say go for it. If it works let us know.

The way I look at is you’ll have a spirit working to help with your sight empowering the mirror. For ex. If Mepsithal is empowering your mirror that does not mean you could not scry another spirit, it would mean that her energy is bound to the mirror and helping your intuitive senses pick up on the energies of whatever spirit you wish to scry.

Personally I like to keep things tidy, if I’m using a KOF spirit I’d want the seal of the Sorcerer on the mirror along with the spirits sigil, BOA the 2nd gateways binding the spirit. It’s not a rule I’m just a tight ass like that.

Experiment and let us know how it goes.

No problem, what are ho’s for right?