Scrying Mirror VS. Incense for Evocations...?

So I don't know if this has been in a recent or older post, but has anyone attempted or heard of using scrying mirror to have the spirit manifest instead of using burning incense?  I was reading somewhere (wish I could remember the author) that the incense was to 'set the mood' as opposed to actually be used for the spirit to manifest visually and that its the scrying mirror and not the incense that should be used to allow the spirit to show itself.  Any input, thoughts or ideas concerning this? BTW, if the answer is in E.A.'S Evoking Eternity, my copy is in transit as we speak so a chapter or page number would be helpful as well (that is once I get it in the mail!! So Excited!!!)
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The incense works as a manifestation base, without it the entity cannot create a body. When you are using a scrying mirror you are evoking the entity into the mirror, therefore the entity won’t be manifesting a body and incense is not required.


Why not use incense in front on the mirror?
That way the spirit would choose which device he prefer.

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You are evoking into the mirror. You’re not saying “here is the mirror that I have for you to manifest in but just do whatever you want”… You have to keep the evocation on your terms

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Any luck using the Glycerine/distilled water fog mix for evocation?

Yea I use it but I have been too occupied lately to do any evocation. I go with 12oz of glycerin in a gallon jug and fill the rest up with purified water. Still use incense depending on who the demon is though, sometimes human hair for nastier entities and dragons blood for eriesh’taetohl… Usually incense if I’m away from my own room and then if I’m actually in my ritual room I fire up the homemade fog machine… Right now I have a couple of unfriendly entities following me and my house is pretty heavy on the paranormal activity so I stay with others of possible. Like to be behind a few wards and a threshold.

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The mirror actually just acts as a window through which you can view the spirit on the astral plane. If you’re using a mirror in evocation, you’re not necessarily performing a full evocation at all, but you’re simply connecting with the spirit on the astral. A full evocation requires that the spirit is brought into materialization before you, tangible to all senses.

A good deal of folks think that there is “astral evocation” vs. physical evocation. In my book, there is only one sort of evocation.

Not only am I going to define this clearly in the Mastering Evocation course, but I’m going to walk you through how exactly you can materialize a spirit to full manifestation!



in my experience, working astrally (without a mirror at all) is fine and dandy, so long as you have the astral sensitivity to effectively locate and interpret an entity’s presentation. usually, i don’t experience visual phenomena, but it’s as though an image of the spirit were projected directly onto my retina (and yes, i know this is precisely how normal vision works, but i’m speaking subjectively). i don’t visually perceive the spirit, but i could tell you its boundaries in space, where it is, what it looks like and what it’s doing. it’s by no means imagination, because i can’t get the image to do anything else as an act of will. a deep enough state of trance is required for this, but incense and other ritual devices are usually enough to get me going. after a brief meditation, i’ll usually recite the first enochian key, but if you enter trance fast enough, you can actually feel yourself falling out of the normal conscious state. if you do it slowly, you probably won’t notice (and most likely think it isn’t working), but only experimentation can determine this for each individual.

i’m posting in the BoA section about my recent lake of fire experience, btw.

kind regards, james.


my senses have been going up slowly but surely, lately, possibly because of my spirit bonding expiremnts its been a bit sharper then usual. When I meditate the spirit will always be visually represented by at least a shadow moving about and sometimes I will see greater detail, the times when i do see it have been going up lately which is cool.



i’m no expert and i hate giving advice, but if it’s any help to you, i’d suggest not trying to see the spirit you call. at least, don’t expect a successful evocation to require it. instead, work on feel and trust your instincts. or, more to the point, try and forget how to be critical of them. once you experience the “reality” of the evocation without the need to question it, things like physical manifestation become both unnecessary, and almost automatic at the same time. ironically, it’s one of those things that just happens once you stop trying to make it occur. you can be critical and skeptical before/after the ritual, but during the event, if you can convince yourself that it’s no less “real” even if you don’t get a full physical manifestation (even in the shadows), your mind lets the doubt go free and manifestation just seems to happen. otherwise, whatever you do get (like shadow phenomena or incense phenomena) may be interpreted by your critical mind as “something, i guess” but still “not really enough”, and thus it closes itself off even more. i do it all the time, so i’ve started doing things like a light fast, a magical shower, devotional prayers (even though i’m atheistic, for the most part, i gravitate towards much of the luciferian and promethean imagery/mythos). i get around the seeming contradition by saying to myself “if lucifer exists beyond my understanding, and if this entity embodies the character and principal elements of the various luciferian mythologies, then i would ask his blessing for the work I am about to perform”. this satisfies my skeptical mind with the “if” statement, and also satisfies the magical mind because lucifer then becomes a being to whom prayers and devotions may be given. if you are not an atheist, and you actually believe in the literal existence of a god (not just a spirit/entity, but an actual godhead), then you should pray to that, instead. all this stuff is intended to put you in a decent mindset before the ritual so your conscious mind is relegated to the back seat, kinda. knowing you have your god on your side, along with the little things you’ve been doing to connect with the work you’re about to do etc engrains in the subconscious the virtual certainty that what you’ve been preparing for will absolutely happen the way you want it to. this changes the whole “something but not enough” idea to “something but not enough, yet”. instead of your mind just giving up, it decides to wait a little longer because it has god on its side (among other things).

i hope i’m making sense. i just took a sleeping pill before i started this and it’s kicking my ass. i’m somewhere between tripping and scrying and i’m seeing faces in the shadows from the candle flame all over my walls, curtains, desk etc. the pill i took was entirely legal, btw, and prescribed to me for my insomnia. i might use it in a slightly higher dosage before bed in order to just scry. i’ll post back if it’s any good. it’s easy to get prescribed because it’s classed as non-addictive.

where i am now in my practise, i don’t even look for manifestations anymore, and instead just rely on my astral impressions to guide me. they’ve never failed, even though i rarely experience phenomena/manifestation (unless i’m just not noticing, now that i’m not looking for it?). it’s the same thing with scrying. i stared at that damned mirror for hours until my eyes watered and i got a headache, with absolutely no results. then, after a bout of insomnia that kept me up for two nights, i accidentally scryed a full, open-eyed vision complete with colour and light sourcing etc. it was so real, i had to refocus my eyes because the vision was too close to my face for comfort. i couldn’t see through the objects i saw, and they were real enough to touch. the sleep deprivation helped kick start the process, but i realised then that it was all a matter of state of mind, and the most unproductive state of mind to have is one in which you go looking for these sorts of things. unfortunately, i can’t induce the same altered state with meditation that i found through lack of sleep, but i usually rise at dawn and practise after midnight to get as close to severe fatigue as i can without having to resort to torturous sleep deprivation exercises. the more experience i get, the easier it is to see the links and correlations. with enough practise in this manner (i.e, getting up hella early and staying up past midnight, or about 18+ hours of being awake while still finishing at an hour that lets me get something resembling a decent night’s sleep), i’m sure i’ll get better and quicker with my scrying and develop a kind of muscle memory, so that when i want to scry, i will trigger a pseudo-sleep deprived state even if i’m not tired. for now, though, my only success has been two nights without rest and my practise of rising early and practising late being my only avenue of further exploration in this regard.

hope i didn’t bore anyone too badly.

kind regards, james.


Has anybody used an ultrasonic humidifier for a materialization? An ultrasonic makes enough mist to look like a tire fire.


I know Runyon Poke believes the Goetia meant to use A Magic Mirror for materialization than incense smoke. Here is his training video below:


please i want to buy magick circles from Koetting so can any one recommend which one i should buy?,these are the circles that Koetting have in available,
1.Circle of Solomon
2.Qliphothic Magic Circle
3.Trinity of Triangles magic circle
4.Universal magick Circle

That all depends on what systems or pathworking you want to explore.

The Universal Circle. It is good for any entity. The other circles listed are limited to only certain paths.

please so can i use the universal circle for anything that the rest of them can do?Thanks

Yes. You can use the Universal Circle for any entity you want to evoke. It is what I use.

I still have questions along these lines. I can’t seem to get anywhere with scrying in the black mirror. HOWEVER, the other night I tried doing an evocation of Naamah and I got strange results with the incense smoke that I don’t recall ever seeing.

  1. The smoke appeared to lay down on the table at one point covering the table. It would not flow upward at all.
  2. At another point, the smoke appeared to curl around and make little hands grabbing towards the sigil in the middle of the altar and then the smoke seemed to be absorbed INTO the sigil at one point.

Not sure of this is making sense. I’m also not sure if it’s just coincidence/imagination. I guess I’m just to the point where I want to make that “real” connection with the spirit and KNOW that it is NOT my imagination. Any input would be great! Thanks!

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Maybe try Aluminum foil instead of a “black mirror” works for me.
Don’t just write the smoke thing off. It is often too easy to write everything off as coincidence, just my imagination until you get overwhelmed.
One last piece of advice, sometimes people get too wrapped up in the visual, auditory etc phenomena, and don’t actually pay any attention to the old, did the spirit answer my requests. That is why it is a good idea to keep a magical journal to keep track of all that stuff.