Scrying & mirror sounding like its cracking?


I’m pretty new to scrying, just today I made a big scrying mirror out of a pic frame, (turned out awesome!). Any how I spent about 20 mins scrying and my arms felt very heavy, it’s like I felt a heavy energy pulsing in me. The mirror started to not gray over but get waves of geometric gray patterns and then following it looked as if I was above an ocean watching the waves roll in but each wave was a wave of exploding violet, and then the wave was turning into a violet ball, and the colors were exploding and almost sparkling like in and out all over the mirror,

How ever I wasn’t really looking at the mirror it was like I was seeing this on the mirror and all of my field of vision, I always get this while meditating only more intense and more colors with violet being the most common, right when I was feeling the most energy and feeling an awake dream like state with my eyes open, I heard the mirror sound like it was cracking and it was pretty loud, I had headphones on listening to theta binular beats but it was low and I could hear some panting and slight moaning I thought it was one of my dogs but they were in a dif room. The cracking sound scared me and I quit, (right when it was getting good) lol, When I was done I felt a combo of fatigue and a feeling of intoxication not hallucinigetic but light headed ness. Anyone care to elaborate if my mirror was actually going to crack or was this something else? I inspected it and there is no chips or anything to start the sound. Sorry for the rambling, any info would be great.


It sounds like (pardon the pun) your astral hearing has started to activate :slight_smile:


Is there any spiritual danger that I should be aware of while practising this? And if so what should the necessar precautions be? Thanks


well sometimes an unsavory entity might come out of your mirror. Especially if you go poking around in questionable places. Small fries can be scared away with charged saltwater and most of the baddies you might accidently run into are small fries.


Defectron, I’m having trouble knowing what you talking about with fires? Could you explain more please. What should I be doing before I begin to scry,


And also how would I go about poking around in places that I shouldn’t and how would I be certain I don’t do this?


Lol I’m such a dumb ass. I’m on my iPad and read small fires lol. I just saw the small fries Any way how can I avoid that before it happens ( preventive)


To avoid all danger, stop scrying.


Well I didn’t mean absolute safety. just like driving a car I could def die in an accident but I can minimize it by wearing a seat belt. That’s more what I meant not no danger at all.


It’ll be safer if you can find some entities to be on your side who can keep some of the riff raff off of your back. You could also try banishing the area every time after scrying, though personally i think that’d be a pain, for me at least.


Great that’s what I was looking for. Yea banishing sounds like a pain in the ass, but I might give it a try for a little while till I get a better plan.


Just shield yourself, or say a prayer beforehand for protection, ask Archangel Michael to protect while scrying. If you get into trouble blast it away with a star which emanates brightly out of your stomach aka solar plexus and picture it exploding out.