Scrying mirror or crystal ball without white fog


Dear Evocationists, Greetings!

I am working with section 5 of the Mastering Evocation course, and sometimes I behold the white fog( in a mirror or crystal ball) before the visions, but it is not always so. I often experience the vision in front of my skull, and it is very real, without the white fog. Have you ever experienced it so? , am I doing something erroneus?




Are you saying that you get 3D visions? As in the visions do not appear within the mirror or crystal ball, rather they appear outside of them, in front of you? If so I’d say you’re on a good path. If not then perhaps I read what you were saying wrong.


yes, it is right, it is my English the problem!, thanks!:slight_smile:

<<  it is my English the problem >> I wouldn't think it is language as much as expressing this "stuff" in any common-language is quite difficult 

(as if everyone spoke about these things- things would be different, yeah?)- maybe there are words/phrases in other langs… but it seems the distinctions of each one of us changes over time…

I sense from your original post- perhaps if you Skry-something ( the same type of vision to see- not through but to “open” a sigil)… thus it is look upon to see it (say mirror one doesn’t ignore the mirror)… but you sort of jump from there and see something “elsewhere” (what I was trying write in other posts I wrote)…

and I sense that like looking through a window, if “outside/beyond” the window is out of awareness… so like if you have a “post-hypno-suggestion” or scratch that, just seeing beyond the glass doesn’t compute… at first one could see the distortion the glaze-affect of the glass… like focusing and seeing the actual window-glass… vs looking through it…
there could be a transition pt, or one could just look directly (and perhaps not see the fog- if this metaphor holds)- the key seems to be having that Contact with what you are to LookUpon before you start to skry <?> if that sounds right, then one is already lined up as it opens- vs … say you were to skry and you look… and it is like turning on a TV screen… but it is static-blankscreen (no content yet… needs to be set to a particular “channel” to receive (interesting double meaning there)… as EA puts it, if you skry into nothing you will SEE no-thing (between that and seeing- I think that dividing line is where the not-quite haze-fog is viewed… the Obstructing-Film affect, which will arise if you are SEEing another place that is very different Freq- than where you are… (a diff Mind_State-space) -if that applies then if you try and skry for an answer to a question you have that you can sense but not solidly grasp- its like a word “on the tip of your tongue”…
that so close but stuck… that I think is 'seen" as thishaze… try and find such that is skrying- not quite coming clear… and see if you see this haze? (even though the re-tuning to align with what receiving may just flow, vs being stuck)