Scrying Interpretation

I’m curious to know how you all interpret the images that you see while scrying. This morning I tried scrying for the first time. I almost immediately saw a load of creepy/scary shit: A shadow person was looking directly at me. I then saw a dirty/muddy woman looking at me and walking around. Then I saw her dead on the ground. After that I saw a person (maybe the lady) crawling on the ground like a lizard but with midget arms and legs. There were tons of other images too, but those are the ones I remember the clearest.


What did you asked to see or were trying to see?


Yeah, without context it could be anything. I would also add that unless you did a cleansing on your a scrying tool and a general banishing, you could be picking up whatever astral flotsam is floating around.


Sometimes it’s just going to be “when you do weird shit…” but yeah knowing what you were trying to connect with will help. :+1:

There seems to be a link between:

  1. divination
  2. possible outcomes that did not manifest
  3. things looking very hideous and distorted

I’m not sure what this link is but it’s come up in my work and I have seen these themes linked for others including things E.A. shared in videos/articles.


I find that when something appears very indistinct and hazy then the influence is very weak and unlikely to manifest. Sharp larger than life images on the other hand are all to likely too come about

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I asked to be shown what obstacles may be in my path.

That’s some scary shit! I was going to ask can I do this with a normal mirror turned backwards, but I don’t know if I really need to look at them to work with them.

Lady- Eva, do I need to use mirrors to contact some? I’m perfectly happy without seeing them.

I used a bowl of water. I bought the bowl specifically for use in putting water in that would act as a gateway between the world’s so my ancestors could come through. It’s either glass or crystal (looks like crystal). I was drawn to it.

What obstacles MAY be in my path? Ahh if you phrased it like that then that’s probably why your seeing so many unsettling images.

What we say and how it’s said really Really matters when doing things like scrying and divination.


Yeah, if you’re not careful in how you phrase a question, you might get an answer which is accurate and yet misleading at the same time.

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