Scrying evocation

I searched and searched on here on how to evoke with a black mirror and I still can’t find anything, so I’m asking how do you evoke a spirit though scrying on a black mirror

Generally you stand or sit in a magick circle with a spirit’s sigil, you then open and charge the sigil at the same time you begin an incantation to the spirit to manifest before you, when you feel the presence of the spirit you look deep into the mirror to see the image of the spirit, you then issue a task and or ask for information, when done you dismiss the spirit, make a few notes in a journal on whatever was communicated then go and have a coke or something.


There are some great scrying rituals on youtube and on DVD done by Poke Runyon from the OTA, a bit theatrical but he does do some amazing work on explaining ritual magick in practice! I believe there should still be some on the tubitv app and site, i havent checked my que in a while to see if they are still available though. His dark mirror practice works very well.

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Just like people evoke into a cup of tea I just want to know the simple method people used to scry into things

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Scrying is all about perception. The tools are just that, tools.

To scry, you slip into a trance state and gaze at a dark surface with the same gaze as you would use to open a seal. Hold the gaze and let any impressions arise on their own.


Some people like to draw a triangle of manifestation in the mirror. I guess that might help some to focus on the mirror, but is not really necessary.


Angel411 Carroll “Poke” Runyon of the OTA (Ordo Templis Astarte) specializes in Black Mirror scying evocation for his system of sorcery.

Also a must read is Poke Runyon’s 1977 essay “Magick & Hypnosis” which eplains how the whole process works.


What does that feel like

because i can get the sigil to flash and the mirror to fog but i dont feel or see any thing.

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