Scrying black mirror vs black crystal ball?

Quick question, I am interested in purchasing E.A’s Divination product. However, I heard that it requires a scrying mirror. I bought this instead of the mirror

it is a Amlong crystal ball. After all the reviews I have read, people are using it successfully for scrying. However, I wanted advice from here instead of just amazon reviews.

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far as i can tell these mirrors and balls and circles and candles and whatnot are just tools, things to help you to focus your own power. i have an old bag of runes that came in one of those divination book+tool package deal things and they work fine, even though they’re mass produced cheap ceramic things and the definitions in the book are a little sketchy but get the general idea across, and i’ve been reasonably accurate with them for my level of experience and relative lack of interest in divination up until recently. So i guess your ball will work just as well as a mirror for what you want as long as you’re confident in your ability to use it for the job.

A black scrying mirror is just a modernized (cheaper) form of using such a ball or water/polished silver. It’s perfectly suitable to use.

EA puts symbols around his mirror, though I can’t recall if he asks the people following along to do so as well in the course. It’s not necessary though. If he does you can always place these around a piece of paper which you then place the crystal and its stand on (or engrave them on the stand).

Awesome, thank you both for the replies. I bought an original parker’s brother ouji board as well, because I heard it is needed for the product. I can’t wait to buy the divination product, and get started.

Ever since then concept of a scrying mirror landed in my head- I decided to make my own, as a former glazer I kinda like glass work. But i always had this image of about 3/4 to 1 inch thick plate of glass. Later- about a week, I read where some people have thicker glass as it enhances ‘depth’ in the view.
Anyone got experiance or opinions?

I am currently using
With this stand,
Looks great on the alter, I have had good results.

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