Scrying ang Magick Eye Pictures

I can’t scry for shit.

I’m completely clairaudient, and I can see spirits in my inner vision, but I cannot see anything supernatural with my own eyes.

I finally found a trick that seems to help. Someone told me that you have to hold your gaze in the same way you do to see magick eye pictures. I practiced looking at them for about two hours until I could see the pictures.

Looking at my mirror, I don’t see the mist yet, but for the first time I see shapes and shadows moving in the mirror. it sort of looks like a rolling black sea.

If you are as bad at scrying as I am, this may be a good trick to use.

Jesus it is hard to see those pictures, i have been trying here- but haven’t managed. I was just trying to scry and look these pictures, all i can conjure with this is pain and tears in my eyes :S

Edit: today i managed to see 1 magic eye picture! :smiley: made my eyes feel hot

it was this one, but now i’m trying it again since i got it to show itself only once.