Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies


There is not a lot of space around me however I was just wondering if you can see anything/sense anything about myself :slight_smile: thank you!


This is actually new. Excuse my work clothes. Curious who’s hanging around though.


It all depends on what you do :wink:


You sure that’s what it is?

No one cares that much I promise. They’re not gonna find you and burn you to the stake, not unless you’re in Uganda or something.


The way I’ve been seeing it, if someone finds my photo on this site, they were probably already looking up magick or something of the sort. Anyone who would be bothered probably wouldn’t be caught dead here anyways.


Yes, exactly–the likelihood of that happening is so low. This is why I asked why are people doing that in the first place. Seems a bit silly.


You would think it’s low, but I’ve seen people I know in places online that they would be embarrassed to be seen at. I keep my mouth shut but that doesn’t mean others won’t. And there are people who go to sites to try to “police” them. Again, not likely, but it can’t hurt to be safe


And there’s also the fact that I’m an ugly bastard compared to some of the beautiful people that have posted here


So I attempted my first evocation and took a before and after picture so…,


This is me, picture was taken last saturday evenening before I went to a party… and used my magick <3 Curious what you find / see :slight_smile:


Really? Did you see anything from this selfie?

Thank you: )


Don’t really have any plain backgrounds… Maybe u can still do something… I’m pretty curious bc, as of late, something new has made me it’s focus…


This is from a sigil I burnt. What kind of energy does it give off?



i think some sort of angel looking for u


Curious of what someone may see.


Here you are! Have a nice day


Looks like a scorpion.



Excuse my morning bedhead. :blush: What can see my selfie?