Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies


There’s dark magic in you and you are very suited to the dark side of magic, as you have a a dark entity, that has come to your aid in times of trouble.


i posted this before but can spirits like change within the photos? (different spirits or different place)


Give yourself the opportunity to progress.


As in?


We all find the best path for us. The decision is up to the individual.


You type thicc tho.


Lol, what do you mean? I am thicc or I type too much? (Or both?) :thinking:

Or the things I say make it sound like I am thicc?


You thicc.


LOL, ok. Yeah, I am. :woman_shrugging:


We might need a less cropped out image though. You can can send it to me directly


Lol, um, are you doing the looking for spirits thing or is this for another reason? Hehe.

I’m sorry if I was rude. I was just joking around.


It’s definitely for other reasons.


I personally don’t see anything yet but I feel a lot of love-as in the energy of love around this photo


Awww, thank you, @Mani. I think you’re right about that. :smiley:


not my best. It’s been a rough few days.



@Chakraless_magick Sara, hey, see anything now? I’ve just asked The Great Belial for his familiars but released them yesterday so not sure if you will see anything. Had to cover face for obvious reasons :((

One of the tube stations in London


Its a pity people have to smudge faces


But do they? Who is everyone hiding from? @Morgana9


Humans who police others… many reasons its just a pity thats all


Hey can you find my pic?