Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies


I do reiki but its not reiki…its harnessed straight from the void. Fucking powerful. My brother taught me it. Did u feel or see anything out of curiosity?


My soul is dedicated to Satan so i don’t wory. But i will look in to protection. Yes i know sexual energy is strong. And I wan’t to learn how to juse it in my magic. I will read about tantra energy. :grin: And thx alot for the help! I can feel energy flowing right know. :blush:


Reiki? I feel like energy in my legs and in my balls and penis.




I most ask. Are you a woman? :grin:


Not in your head at all? Weird .




Yes feelt that somthing energatic passning around in my forehead section. Ok you are. Becouse i thaght that it might be you that grabbed my balls. :sweat_smile:


Possibly sorry about that. My astral body has a mind of its own. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


It’s ok i like it. :grin:




@Chakraless_magick I tried to open my third eyes for months, I always felt tingling feeling at my forehead yet I can’t feel it opening… Whenever I speak of the name Azazel, ringing sound start to ring by my ear, is it by that lady spirit? Or even gust of wind from time to time.


I highly doubt its Pan


Your conversation with addi666 amuses me. I can totally see you two happening. :slight_smile:


Sometimes lucifuge shows up to me with goat legs too. Maybe its him


Don’t look into my eyes.


You know, I was always curious.


Who do you have in you?


I don’t know. I’m new to magick and I was hoping you guys could tell me. What are you sensing?


Huh; odd how you could see that. Personally; im a very soft person. Extreme anxiety, social anxiety, and I’m an HSP (highly sensitive person, its a psychology term.) When i’m angered enough I can snap, and my words can hurt a lot; but typically I take anger out on myself than others; being i’m highly empathic.