Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies


very good scan thank you!


You’re very welcome.


Use visualization. What i did to get better (im still no pro, but i can journey now at least) sit down every day, try doing it same time, stretch, warm up (push ups or some other exercise) then sit w a candle. Picture your self in your imagination climbing out of your body and walking around your house. See your house how u remember it, every detail. Thats the muscle to work. Plus u have to stop drinking flouride asap if u do including toothpaste. It calcifies your pineal gland. Your teeth will be fine. Mine are stronger than ever. 6 years no flouride. Eat healthy etc. Its all part of it.


hmmm not sure about that but let me see if i can find a more recent picture and see is he still there


HAHAH well…just wondering when i was a baby is there any spirits near me? (i dont mind people seeing my baby me lol)


Do u mind if i do something energetically to your third eye real quick? I see something blocking and im going to pull it out






Do so :eye::grin:


Ok relax, u might hear some buzzing but wont hurt


OOh…does the other person feel anything normally?


Ok :blush:




Wow u have some strong energy , it made me a little dizzy haha


Sexual energy , tantra energy , very strong


Yeah depends on person. They might see more than feel really


that’s sound exciting lol btw is there something wrong with me too or i just need more practise(haha sorry if i am asking too many questions. these topic really inspire me)


Thx a lot. Did you get The blockage? :slight_smile: i love sex so i think your right about that part. :grin: I allways knew i got some power hidden some where. :blush: Are you good in heeling?


Its more than just i love sex energy. You know anything about tantra? If not loook into it. Its definitely a secret power u can use for magickal purposes. J.d. temple talked about using his sexual energy in magick. Its very powerful. Harnass it!!
Yes i got the blockage. I would ask azazel or another war like spirit for some astral armour. I m guessing u dont have any. At least i didnt see it


Not sure, i can take a look later