Scry the photograph of the person above you - thread for scanning selfies





Make of this what you will…


Top right, looks like a spirit. Doesnt look to be negative, maybe just passing by though; and curious of you.


Im connected to a few and carry my objects of protection, currently buer and andromalious should be with me. Does anyone see any faces of spirits?? also, whats my aurora?

mind the background, currently am in class.


I see a yellowish aura around you but that’s about it


I see a pure white aurora. As for spirits; not any I can see.


Thx is that a good color? :slight_smile:


It is, actually! Here:


Thx for The help i am so happy to know. :blush: Do you have any sugestion how to open The third eye?


meditation and focus; relying on energy


Ok thx. :slightly_smiling_face:





Can you see anything in mine? Sorry if the picture sucks, i’m in class right now.


Green aura and I believe a draconic spirit on your right, can’t really see the shape of it really. LEast that’s what I see anyway


a draconic spirit? What is that?


Dragon at least, that’s the term I use for dragons


is that a good thing?


Could be, dependant on what kind of dragon it is. Could be your familiar


Thats really cool. Thankyou mate.