This hasn’t happened to me for a very long time, but it happened again today and I wanted to share it with you guys and with people that think that spiritual manifestations can only be in the confinement of the mind.

I was meditating flat on my bed just for some relaxing time with myself with no intention to make any contact and while in trance, I had a visitor. I felt a cool draft in the air and when I asked for identification, I started feeling a burning sensation on my right arm, this went on for a while, then suddenly it stop and felt a cool touch at the same spot.
Went out of trance and on my right forearm I’ve noticed two large scratches starting from just above my wrist traveling all the way around an up my arm. At the end of the scratches there’s a letter Z and a geometrical shape (like an arrow).

Photo is not great and I couldn’t take the whole scratching up my arm, but I think you’ll get the idea.

I didnt realize that the forum accepts only very small size photos. So i had to fix it before posting.

Wow. Scary stuff.

It kinda looks like you just slept on something irregular and got “sleeping line imprints.”

^^ Fair enough, I would’ve question this as well and I did. Though I didn’t sleep, I had my arms resting on my sides pressing against soft sheets. After several hours later when the skin reaction went away it was easier to see scratching (I’ll put a photo).

That`s like 4 maybe 5 hours later.

Ok. So you weren’t sleeping so you would most likely know if you were just simply scratching yourself in your sleep thinking it was something else doing it. I cannot find the Z or ARROW though. Maybe you could use a Paint Program to circle them?

I was in theta but I wasn’t sleeping for sure, not only that but its impossible to scratch myself with such short nails.
The scratch goes up behind my arm, that’s were the "Z"appears, but that could be just random, The photos show maybe 30% of the length.