Scorpions and Lions

A few years ago I started having this dream off and on for a few weeks. It came in 3s. I would have it for 3 nights in a row, then it would stop and happen again a few weeks later.
I dreamt of a deer, it was running from a lion through the forest. The deer ran into a cave, where it transformed into a human… it was me. I turned around to push a huge rock to block the entrance of the cave, the lion barely got there in time to stick its head in. It was stuck.
I watched myself turn around to see a sleeping wolf. In the dream I took out a scythe and started to stab the wolf. As the blood began to pour, it transformed into some kind of reptilian looking thing with a scorpion tail. I killed it before it woke up. Next I turned to the lion and chopped off its head. I reached into the dead body and pulled out the heart and started to eat it.
The dream stood out as strange to me because usually all my dreams are lucid, however this one was not. I just watched myself.
Its been years since I had the dream, but it came back last week. 3 times.
Since then a lot of strange things about scorpions have been coming up in meditations and one instance in just every day life. I was sitting on a chair, and got up to go do something. It took me less than a minute and when I came back there was a scorpion in my chair. But when I looked close, its stinger looked damaged. It was bound up in what looked to be my hair.
So weird.
I dont even know what I’m asking here. I guess what it means? I just felt like it was too weird not to share.


I’ve actually never had any repeating dreams that I can recall. However I’m finding spiders everywhere lately. It sounds like the injured scorpion is trying to bring attention to areas that need work, or could possibly bring on issues later. Perhaps you are in someway binding yourself and preventing true efficiency or hampering your own power?

Hm I dont know I never thought about it in that way. In the meditations the scorpion seemed to be more adversarial.
I really dont know. I just have never had something pop up as much as this has you know? I felt like I had to say something. Itd drive me crazy if I didn’t lol.

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I’m glad that you did, I enjoy reading about things like this. The scorpion definitely could be adversarial, daring you to do what needs to be done to unleash your potential.

the symbol of the scorpion has alot of associations with transformation, magick, sex,passion, death and rebirth.

the lion has alot to do with strength, courage, power.

Haven’t looked much into the symbolism of déers.

But as the deer turned human taking out the scorpion and the lion it could be traits you could benifit taking into yourself to grow.


With recurring visions usually there is something in your life that is incomplete or that needs work that is causing stress. The vision repeats because you have not corrected the problem. The number 3 which is reoccurring indicates it might be a spiritual matter and a deity is sending you a vision as a warning.

Your vision with you as a deer running from a lion indicates something considers you as prey or perhaps you are running from your problems from an important, powerful adversary or situation.

Running into the cave and blocking it with a stone. This can suggest you’re hiding from an important decision and finally working on a solution by blocking the entrance and chopping off the lions head and eating its heart you have destroyed one problem that manifest as other problems with the wolf that transforms into a reptile still lodged in the cave.

A sleeping wolf in sheeps clothing seeing first a wolf which than changed into a reptile indicates that someone was deceiving you and showing you its true form which is undetected treachery and deception. You attacking the sleeping reptile means you are trying to discover the deceptions and destroy them.

The wounded scorpion and visions indicates you have solved your problem but it could come back after several years and to use caution.

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Very thorough. Thank you @lawclerk :blush:

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Scorpions are associated with Belial, who is an adversarial entity.


Interesting. This did start happening a month or so after working with him. Hm. Thanks :slight_smile: