Scorpio and leo zodiac signs in astrology

leo ruling planet is sun the giver of life.
scorpio is the opposite of leo and it represents darkness. it’s written in some places that it represents death and rebirth.
so when a person loses his life he loses all the light within him and the result is death=darkness= lack of light?

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The opposite of Leo is not Scorpio but Aquarius. Scorpio’s opposite is Taurus.

The death of Scorpio isn’t really about physical death, actually Scorpio represents longevity.

Scorpio is spiritual death, deep sleep, the depth of the mind and rebirth, all of the sudden events that occur in our life are represented by Scorpio. Scorpio is death of something ( it may be an habit, a life situation, a job) so that something new comes into life

Actually Aries is life, the start of life, when the soul enters the body, that’s why Sun ( the giver of life) is exalted(full strength) in Aries and the opposite of Aries is Libra and Sun is debilitated ( loses strength, dignity) in Libra. And if I may add Saturn ( planets of delay, coldness, almost state of no life) which is the opposite and Archenemy of Sun is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries

Taurus and Libra cause physical death
Taurus is the sign of food, Luxury, basic needs of life, convenience, family and Libra a sign that represents other people ( not the self which is you aka Aries)

So when you have these two signs badly affected it will definitely cause you death. You can’t live properly when you lack food or basic needs in life, or having bad relationship with people. These are the main causes of physical death.

Each signs represent the gain of the previous sign, so the gain for Aries is Taurus, for Taurus is Gemini, for Gemini cancer etc… because it’s only after you are born (Aries)then you can start eating ( Taurus)… when you are fed as a baby you can start enjoying your childhood, talking, making friends ( Gemini) etc…

The gain of Libra is Scorpio, after you realise that your life is not what the other person think of you, and stops living for others ( Libra)
You start digging deep in yourself and you truly become who you are. That’s the death and rebirth of Scorpio


You may want to read this:

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So, firstly, Aquarius is opposite the Sun, but it is more complex than this because the Sun does not necessarily have an opposite as I explain above.


Yes it’s more complex than that, but I would emphasise on the great opposition between Sun and Saturn

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Yes that is true, for example, the Herbs of the Sun can be used to diminish the ailments of Saturn. However, traditionally the planets are essentially seen as being in service to the Sun. The Sun regulates life, just as Saturn does. And Saturn is not necessarily against life, but is harmful to human life (Willaim Lilly, Christian Astrology 1st Ed, Page 61). Rather, he also rules over the growth of plants and vegetation, and Thomas Hill says “When the Moon and Saturne, are either threescore degrees of the Zodiack asunder (which distance in heaven) is named of the skilfull, a Sextile aspect, it is then commended to labour the earth, sow, and plant, marked after this manner.
But when these are 120 degrees asunder, which properly is named a Trigon, or trine aspect … then is that time better commended for labouring the earth, whether for tilling, gardening, sowing, planting, and settikg, or cutting Vines.” (The Gardner’s Labyrinth, Page 42)
So Saturn, like the Sun, also has a wonderful effect of aiding the growth of plants. And traditionally all planets are seen ultimately as servants of the Sun. And William Lilly says Saturn is a friend of the Sun (Christian Astrology, 1st Ed, Page 61). So, ultimately it is complex, there is an opposition but also not quite.

Also, this is not a criticism of your post or views, but I want to add that Scorpio can very well show physical death and bloodshed. If the Ascendant is in Aries and Mars is standing in his Sign of Scorpio in the 8th House of Death, making a square or opposition to the Moon, then that can argue for physical, violent death, or at least conflict and fighting. The manner of death is ruled by the 8th House in a natal chart as well as in electional and horary astrology. The planet that rules it reveals the nature of the death, and if it is in Aries or Scorpio, that provides for a case of violent death.

Now, for Aries showing the Soul entering the body, I rememeber that one of the Neoplatonist philosphers, I vaguely remember it being Plotinus, but it could be another, saying that the Soul of man descends through Cancer, showing their desire to reproduce. But, I can’t find where they said this so I can’t give a reference. But, traditionally it can be more complicated than simply starting with the first sign.

So, going with this approach, and as Aquarius is the opposite, when you pass on you attain freedom and independence. :smiley:

But I agree it’s not very useful to compare the signs in a dualistic way.

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I read something about cancer being the home of the soul, what I was saying with Aries is the process of the soul entering the body, the psychic birth, the ego birth… the root chakra.
I was not talking about the desire

To be clear, I was not talking about the desire either.

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Yes it’s true for this combination, physical death may occur

Very interesting, I didn’t know about this

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